The rotten foot – March of the flies Part 8.

My first introduction to the term “foot Soldier” was in the late 80’s early 90’s when I’d rush home from school, make a massive jug full of Milo (Chocolate powder) and Milk (1 part Milk 10 parts Milo), plonk myself a metre away from the telly and watch the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. The Foot Clan were pretty clumsy simpletons.


Real Foot Soldiers can be infantry, henchmen, guards etc. Usually the guys and gals that do the menial tasks, get little pay but work and fight the hardest.

My Nurgle March of the Flies project will have plenty of nasty, brutish warriors but I wanted to add a couple of infantry/foot soldiers too.

Meet the Rotten Foot, Roke (Left) and Kradlyn (Right)


They are smaller than their rotting Warrior brothers but just as riddled with disease, fungus and pus.

As you can see, Kradlyn, is wearing Plague Marine armour but I think it translates well into fantasy/aos. In fact, while I’m on that topic, this project will see a blend of both time frames but only in a few subtle ways. It will mostly be in the non-tech age.


Kradlyn’s head was fun to paint. It’s so rotten and even kind of droopy and distorted looking. Very cool!

I used sand and bits of crap (No not literally) for the texture. Similar to what I did with The Rancid for the Chapel project. It works well. You can see it a bit here on his cod pieces and thigh guards.


More here on his elbow guards.


The blood on his base was mixed with some Nuln oil which gave it a deeper, older look.


With the bandaging on Kradlyn’s arm I wanted it to look like Robert The Bruce’s dads face bandages in Brave heart but bloodier.




I wanted the axe in his right hand to look as though it was cut from bone. I wanted the handle of the larger axe to look the same. You can see more texture on his Vambrace.


Here is a close up of that lovely face again.


Roke is a mean Bastard! His weapon looks vicious, especially dripping in gore.

I like his head almost as much as Kradlyn’s. Not as droppy but almost skeletal.






You can almost hear the flies buzzing around this decaying goon.

I’m really pleased with how his Skull shoulder guard turned out. Like Kradlyn’s weapons I wanted it to look like actual bone.


Love that shoulder guard and that nasty weapon!




One thing that hasn’t been coming up well in photos is the Nurgle Rot. I assure you that it’s definitely there. I haven’t gone too overboard with it, yet at least, as i think subtle splotches and seeing it ooze out of joints or from under armour is more effective. In most cases anyway.

Here they are once more together.

The Rotten Foot Soldiers.







27 thoughts on “The rotten foot – March of the flies Part 8.”

  1. Loving this project, and thank you for the great TMNT throwback reference! Loved that cartoon as a kid. Excited to see more of these models painted!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That nightclub scene near the end of the second movie, where the turtles are fighting the other mutants and Vanilla Ice is there and starts the “Go ninja, go ninja, go” rap… might be the most 90s thing that ever happened in the history of film.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Nasty, grim and grimy mate; I’m really enjoying this Nurgle project 🙂 Interesting to see how good those Spellcrow bits look painted up, one to file away for future inspiration I think!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Good for things like battle damage and even Nurgle’s triple-circle icon, especially the way it leaves a “soft” effect rather than the hard effect that using a knife, etc gives.
        Just clip the wire and mount it in a hobby scalpel. A good idea to mount the model on something as well, and not a bad idea to have a glove on that hand, either! You pretty much need to do it next to the stove. And be careful!

        Liked by 1 person

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