The Contagion Bearer – March of the Flies part 10.

The March of the flies continues… The Flies are coming…

Up for you tonight is the Contagion Bearer.

I’m really happy with this model. At first I wasn’t too sure about the pose and, believe me, he was a bastard to photograph but now I think it works perfectly. I like that he is holding his banner up high with pride and is even glaring up at it too.

I’m pleased with how the mutant (Gaping) mouth on his stomach turned out. I filled the cavity with blood first then worked around it. There are quite a few layers of colour for the skin tone but I think my two most favourite parts to this mini are his rusted sword and the tone I managed to achieve on the banner. Speaking of the banner my, three circle, Nurgle symbol isn’t overly impressive but I do like the specks/spray of blood across it.

I hope you like looking at him as much as i liked painting him.

















He was quite a challenging conversion. As the more keen eyed among you might see I’ve used Ork arms. His right one, holding the Banner, comes from the IronJaws kit which tend to be a lot bulkier. A huge gap was left on his back after I glued the arms to the front torso of the Blightking and that’s why the shield has been, strategically, placed where it is. Sneaky sneaks aye?

Love to hear your thoughts gang.



20 thoughts on “The Contagion Bearer – March of the Flies part 10.”

  1. Good stuff, the Orc arms work nicely with the Blightking body. I like his weird throat sack as well, is that greenstuff? The subtle Nurgle symbol works perfectly in my opinion, if you’d gone for anything brighter or more complex it would have overwhelmed the rest of the model.

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    1. I think the throat sack is part of the Blightkings… or is it I wonder? I forget haha. I made the model about a month ago. Thanks Re the symbol. It looks pretty rough but I suppose it is in keeping with the overall feel of the mini.

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    1. Thanks love. I do like a bit of gore. A lot of gore actually. It’s funny though because even though I like my horror movies etc I can’t watch those reality TV hospital shows. Blerrr. Although I can handle blood in real life too. Weird how my brain works.

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      1. Omg I know exactly how you feel! lol I can watch any horror film and deal with all the gore and everything but we have this TV series here called “Monsters Inside Me” about real people who have gotten the worst parasites you can imagine and all the hell that was wreaked on their bodies from it. Some live, some don’t. The show just makes me cringe so hard. I watched one episode before and was like NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. *shudders* I’ll turn the channel immediately if I see that it’s on. lol

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  2. Absolutely love the use of bits and, in particular, the pose you’ve achieved with this guy. Another great/hideous/awesome/disturbing addition!

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    1. Thanks man. With the banner I just did quite a few watered down layers of “yuck” colours and then a wash then dry brush. I didn’t really have a plan but it seemed to work well.


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