The Purge Cardinals – part 4.

As well as the March of the Flies project I have been very slowly (deliberately) chipping away at the Purge Cardinals project. I’m enjoying the research and taking my time to get everything right with this large project.

Today I finally received a head I’d purchased from the UK. It took a month to get here. That’s a long time to wait for head… *cough…

I love this head. I searched and searched for just the right one as I wanted the leader of the pack, Lord Eckan Beros Thunderhowl (yep that’s his name!) to have a certain, noble and authoritarian look about him. It’s a forgeworld head and wasn’t cheap.

You’ll also note the shoulder armour and shield is a bit of a stand out. Both from Scibor Minatures. The shield might be a little big but hey it looks kick arse!!

I’ve also included a pic of the base the Lord will be mounted on. I want to paint it separately to really pay attention to all the details.






16 thoughts on “The Purge Cardinals – part 4.”

  1. Looking great and the head was definitely worth the wait! I love that he’s on a horse! I’ve been working on some Chaos Marines mounted on Chaos Knight horse to count as bikers – love the image of a power-armored Space Marine on a horse.

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  2. Really nice as always, and great restraint if all you ordered was a head, but postage must have been horrendous, percentage wise!

    Still probably cheaper that buying a load of stuff just for the sake of it (like I often do!).

    Cheers Roger.

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      1. Oh no!! hahaha Omg I’m sorry! I just didn’t want to assume the horn was armor and not an actual horn. If it makes you feel any better I’ve read a horror fantasy short story before about a unicorn and it was actually pretty bad ass. lol You know how unicorns will only approach young maidens? In this story some unicorn hunters had set a maiden out as bait to attract the unicorn. You assume it’s because they’re greedy and just want the horn or something like in most fantasy tales. Well, nope, they’re hunting it because it is a fearsome beast and it winds up slowly approaching the young maiden only to impale her with its horn that it used to kill her and siphon out her virgin’s blood. So unicorns aren’t always rainbow and glitter! 😛

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