Dregan The Man Eater – March of the flies part 12.

Giants once roamed the lands in vast hunting packs but when man learnt how to forge steel weapons there numbers began to dwindle. The hunters became the hunted.

Now, it is said, only a few hundred remain in certain realms.

Most live out solitary lives preying on the weak and vulnerable humans that find themselves lost in the forest or left wounded and forgotten on a battlefield.

Some have become slaves of men. Prized pets that have been trained to serve and/or fight for their masters.

Dregan was captured while he feasted on a family of pioneers who had become lost. As he chewed on their bones and slurped on their guts a scouting party of Nurgle warriors found and then attacked him. They considered severing his head and taking it back for their master but instead thought he would appreciate the Giant alive instead. They wrapped the Giant in chains and dragged him, many miles, back to their Castle.

Lord Pestilence was very pleased and took it upon himself, along with the help of some of his strongest men and the Decay Shaman, to break and then train the Giant to serve.

It took many months to break the Giants resolve but eventually the day came when Dregan bowed down on his knees and pledged allegiance to his new master.

Now, may years later, Dregan is Lord Pestilences best warrior. He fights and kills like a savage. He can march and run for days on end without so much as a gulp of water. He can sustain wound after wound but still keep on fighting. His wounds heal within days. He can lift boulders and castle strong gates above his head with ease. he can crush a mans skull with his bare hands and he can lop down trees with his mighty axe with one swipe.

All he asks for in return is flesh… Human flesh…

Dregan the man eater.


Dregan was quick and easy to paint and a whole lot of fun. I like the simplicity to him.





I could have done more detail on the dead (half man) but he looks lifeless enough hehe.

His scarring looks cool. Very detailed miniature.



Even though he isn’t riddled with disease and has no pustules I think he fits in well with the March of the Flies project.

I like his dead eyes.




I’m really liking this guy. I probably say that all the time haha.




13 thoughts on “Dregan The Man Eater – March of the flies part 12.”

  1. Taping my eyelids open with duck tape has solved the problem of having nightmares about your figures – I just don’t go to sleep (yawn)! Another frightening creation that you’ve done great job on (unfortunately)!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really nice work on this figure. Nurgle really seems to suit you, which I guess is a compliment?
    Where is this figure from though? It looks really familiar, and it’s been bothering me since I first saw it on my phone yesterday.

    Liked by 1 person

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