The March Continues – March the Flies part 14.

As regular readers may have realised, I am loving The March of the Flies project.

The whole idea came from an old song my best mate wrote, made and played called “March of the Flies”. That was over ten years ago now.

The title alone conjured up images of vast numbers of flies marching like a highly disciplined infantry unit. Almost marching like the Blitzkrieg did.

If I can, I’ll upload the old song to Soundcloud and post a link on here when I do the final post for the project.

Flies have to be the most dirtiest of all insects. Filthy, so they definitely suit a Nurgle themed project.

I am probably about two thirds through this project now and I’m determined to finish it.


The march continues…













23 thoughts on “The March Continues – March the Flies part 14.”

      1. Hehe ok deal. We’ve got to build the house as well. If you like that you’ll love this: We plan to do a barcode hallway with a mirrored ceiling too. The floor will be tiles in black and white check and made to look like it is winding in and out. Hard to explain haha

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    1. Cheers man and no worries I’m not commenting, there’s no pressure from me. However if you’re late again you’ll be in a world of trouble 😉. My wife and I like a bit of colour. So many people are beige in life and personality haha.


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