Baron Viduus The Soul Taker – March of the Flies part 15.

A cunning and merciless hunter Baron Viduus is a Soul Taker. He will track his quarry for days on end, weeks, months even years until he finally plunges his long plague ridden blade into their hearts to steal their souls. Viduus carries the stolen souls inside the charred skulls of fallen God-Men he carries on his back. None have escaped his pursuit.






A really great model with so much fine detail. I especially like his head. The lank and long hair will be challenging to get just right. I haven’t done too much to this model because it’s just so great as it is. I built the axe and added the skulls to his back. He is meant to be more “Spacey” but I think he converts over nicely. I can’t wait to get some paint onto him which, all being well, should be this week.

There is still quite a bit to do for this project but I’m in no rush and in fact I am enjoying taking my time with it. Much like with my slow paced Purge Cardinals Project I am really considering every piece and every colour of paint.

I hope you like Baron Viduus.



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