I just learnt what an Art Dump is oh and I will blab on a bit too.

Hello you crazy cats.

I always thought an Art dump was something Picasso did in the dunny (Toilet, Bog, Loo, poo-catcher etc…)

Here for your eyes and mind is my art dump. Warning it’s rather graphic so if you have a weak heart or you’re a big girls blouse avert your eyes NOW.





Still with me? Ok then……..



When I search google for as many inspiring images as possible I feel quite compelled to make models. I don’t know, exactly, what it is I look for or hunt for but all of them set something off in my mind and help me create.


I’ve always been drawn to the macabre and twisted side of things. However not when it comes to real life. I used to read a lot of true crime etc but then I became a Dad and something changed. Actually, everything changed for the better. I decided I knew enough about how bad people can be. Essentially I buried my head in the sand. I guess, these days, I’m a dreamer but I am a happy one who teaches my daughters that life is what you make it and that is full of wonder. I’ve taught them that to fight evil and bad things we have to laugh more, sing and dance more so that’s what we do.

Then I google weird and twisted images to inspire me to make weird and twisted miniatures hahaha. It’s me dipping my toe into the dark rather than being completely submerged in it, if that makes sense?!



I like Art that makes you feel something, after all isn’t that the point? The same goes for songs, movies, books and poetry.

My all time favourite song is “Nights in white satin” by the Moody Blues. The first time I heard it I was sitting on the rug as a kid watching an English drama called “HeartBeat” about an English Bobby in the country side. Anyway and old farmers farm had to be burned down because all of his cows were diseased. The farm burnt at night with “Nights in white satin” playing over the top. I was ten years old and I cried my eyes out because the song, as well as the drama of the show, evoked those emotions from me. Ever since that first listen that song still moves me. Although, rest assured, I don’t cry my eyes out haha.


The first art piece that ever moved me was this one below from Jeff Wayne’s musical masterpiece war of the worlds album book (1978) –


God I love this album, still do. If you have never listened to it I strongly recommend that you do. Just brilliant!

Twenty five years later, there’s me standing in the middle of a Salvador Dali exhibition in London feeling quite messed up from a big night before when suddenly I spot this gem –


“Cor Blimey”, says I, never having noticed the link before.

Art is ace that’s for Dang sure.


HORROR is definitely one of my more preferred genres of film. Unfortunately there is a hell of a lot of D grade SHITE out there and, for me, the acting needs to better than some teenage dork with access to his Mums video camera and his big brothers laptop.

Best Top 5 Horror Movies, in my opinion, are as follows:

  1. Dawn of the Dead – (2004, yeah I dig the 78 one too but C’mon Ving Rhames is a bad arse!)

2. Childs Play – (First one, all the others were crap apart from Bride because, let’s face       it the evil bride/girl chucky was kind of hot haha)

3. Bram Stokers Dracula – ( A lot of people didn’t dig it but I thought it had a great mix       of everything plus I am a big fan of Gary Oldman).

4. Misery – (Maybe more of a Thriller but it scared the crap out of me as a kid).

5. Martyrs (Yep, gory as all hell but strangely very, very watchable).


I used to write some pretty twisted stories as a teenager and young adult. I wish I kept them. One I wrote and gave to a friend of mine and it was a horrific twist on the Alice in wonderland story. Another I wrote was about a naked man trying to escape from a room with no doors or windows or openings. he ends up having to eat bits of himself to stay alive. He digs at the walls with his fingers until there is nothing left of them but raw bones. Eventually he sees a light and (a bit typical) then wakes up as, the twist was, he was in a Coma and was trying to wake himself up haha.

If you want to read some twisted shit read James Herbert’s

The Fog

The Dark

The Survivor


What is scarier? A Nun or a Clown?


Hey let’s a lighten the mood a little…

If a Clown gives a piggy back ride to a Nun is that “Virgin” on the ridiculous?

What do you call two clowns having sex? F-ing Funny!

I used to be on ten Nuns a day but they were a bad Habit.

Boom Boom.




Bald things are pretty creepy, including my Year 8 teacher in high school.

Well that’s it from me boys and girls.

Bit of a random post I know but hey it’s 10:58pm and I’v been sipping Brandy… What do you want from me?


Bonne Nuit







16 thoughts on “I just learnt what an Art Dump is oh and I will blab on a bit too.”

  1. I absolutely loved this post.
    Thank you for sharing all the creepy stuff. Like you, I am a fan of horror; I love reading horor as the husband is a complete wimp and wont watch it with me. My favourite author being Graham Masterton, give him a go!

    Also, the nod to War of the World was great and reminds me I should really give it a listen again some time.

    It was nice to hear from you again.
    Keep Blogging.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Another great post from you! That’s an impressive collection of art.
    I really like the second one, the suffering crow-man, he’s properly creepy (Have you seen a newborn bird? imagining that texture on an adult man is weird)
    Also, Misery is one of my favourite films ever 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I absolutely looooooved this post! So much creepy goodness! 😀
    The art you posted was awesome, too. I agree about admiring writing, films, art, etc that stirs up any sort of emotions. I’m always impressed when a creator can make some sort of content that actually makes a person feel something, be it joy, sorrow, anger, fear, or anything in between.

    Liked by 1 person

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