The Virus Reaper and the The Dengue Gnat. March of the Flies part 16.

– The Virus Reaper –


I really enjoyed painting this Reaper/Warrior. You’ve got to love that helmet and the scythe is such a menacing looking weapon.


I went for a more bruised and sickly look more than a diseased and infested look. His right leg makes me want to gag haha. Love the Hoof.






As you can see from the pictures above I went with a few arrows this time. Two in the shield and one in the arm. The way they are positioned gives the impression they were fired in quick succession at the grotesque Virus Reaper.


A fearsome looking dude!


– The Dengue Gnat –

Kind of a quirky and stumpy looking guy, Beetle-like, which works for me with this project.


I went for several interlocking plates of armour which resemble the outer plates of Beetle wings I reckon.





I hope you like these new additions to the project and remember… The Flies are coming…












21 thoughts on “The Virus Reaper and the The Dengue Gnat. March of the Flies part 16.”

    1. Haha thanks Thomas. In all honesty I think it’s because I’m not a perfectionist. I can see a lot of faults and even though I’ve become a better painter I’ll never have yours or Alex’s or Azazels eye for detail. Or that smoothness. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t rush but I rarely water down and I’m a big fan of washes haha.

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  1. Looks awesome! As does the whole project. I have to echo Thomas…… how in the name of Neptune’s beard do you get so much done?!?! Clearly you’re some kind of reclusive billionaire hiding in a bunker waiting for the world to end!

    Seriously though, it’s all wonderful and very generous of you to put in the time to share it with us.

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  2. Great work here mate. He’s come up really nicely. I think it might be time soon for a post comparing some of your initial work when you started the blog to the recent guys…

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  3. The paint job on these is next level. You’ve managed to get so much texture and really bring these two to life. Love the addition of the arrows stuck into the reaper. Really tells a story. Definitely have to follow and see what comes from you in the future!

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