Baron Viduus The Soul Taker (Painted). March of the Flies – Part 17.

I am pumped to show you this guy so, please, no haters or trolls haha. Nah you lot are alright, that’s why we are friends innit?!

As promised when I showed you this model a week ago I said I’d get him to you over the week. I knew as soon as I pieced him together I was going to enjoy painting him but more on that later.

First, why the name Viduus I hear you ask (in my mind anyway… yeah there are lots of voices actually)…

Errr yeah Why Viduus?

In Roman Mythology, Viduus (Divider) was the God who separated the Soul from the Body after death. Awesome huh? 80% of the time my names for my little plastic friends come from somewhere meaningful I just don’t bother explaining it every time but in this case I felt compelled to.

The pictures I have for you are doubled because one version has a filter and the other has only had the lighting tampered with. Let me know which you prefer. I like both for different reasons. We will start with the Light tampered ones.

Baron Viduus The Soul Taker


Some really lovely detail on this model but nothing over the top.

I went for a simple colour palette of light and dark greys.

Love that face and the hairdo is Ace! Never before has that kind of hairstyle been cool. Bald on top with long straggly hair around the sides haha. Actually my wife and I saw a fella the other day with the same style and we agreed he was a deviate.



I wanted Baron Viduus to look a little old and decrepit so I think the grewy with the pale skin work well together. I also added some green to the shoulder pads just so he tied in a little more with the rest of the Nurgle army. Other than that he doesn’t have much of a “plague” look about him but mehh it’s my army so shut your faces.


The Grip/Knuckle Guard on his giant sword is very cool and looks like a Day of The Dead Skull. I was tempted to paint it in a similar fashion. Bright colours.


One of the two additions/conversions I did for Viduss was add a pile of skulls onto his back. If you remember from the first post about Viduss these skulls carry the stolen souls of fallen God-Men.


I was really pleased with how the fur turned out too. It looks dirty and old.


The axe (it was made from three sections) was the other add on I made. I cant remember what he was supposed to be holding, maybe a gun?


Note the drip trail of blood.






So that’s it of the light tampered pictures.

These next lot of pix below are basically the same but with an effect filter. I think they have come up really quite cool but you can be the Judges.

Note to self – I think I’ll work on the base a little more for Viduus. Despite it being three dimensional stairs it looks a little two dimensional. Maybe some dry brushing and a little more sand will do the trick.

I hope you like Baron Viduus. Love to hear your thoughts.

















29 thoughts on “Baron Viduus The Soul Taker (Painted). March of the Flies – Part 17.”

  1. Another really cool figure, love the back story as always, I have to say that though I like both sets of photo’s I prefer the first lot, as they showcase your painting better.

    Oh and are you saying people with that hairstyle are deviants? surely not Francis Rossi and Ronnie James Dio! He does look a bit like Richard o’Briens character “Riff raff” from the Rocky horror picture show, on steroids.

    Cheers Roger.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very nice indeed, that really is a very effective paint job. I agree the stairs need a bit more though. Perhaps even if they were more of a grey colour themselves as the warm tone doesn’t really suit the mood of the Baron. In real life though that hairstyle is indeed very creepy.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Well, I like a filtered photo or two but I think those work best if you have some narrative to them. To just show the model I like them pretty plain.

    I think I mentioned it before but I’ll risk saying it again – to me he looks like old man Frey from Game of Thrones. Creepy old fart with no moral or scruples left in him. A bad bad man.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The inspiration behind that name is really cool! 😀 I like the skulls on the back, and the dripping trail of blood was such a nice touch. And I’m loving the colors you went with.
    Haha, the part where you talked about his hair had me laughing to myself. My friends and I refer to that sort of hairstyle as “the skullet” (like a mullet, only creepier!) lol

    Liked by 1 person

  5. He’s looking really ace mate. Again the quality of your painting has come on leaps and bounds. To pull off a model that is almost monochrome isn’t easy, you should be proud of yourself.

    As for the photos, although I like the filtered images for illustrative/atmospheric purposes, my preference is to be able to really look at the paintjob so my vote is for unfiltered.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. A very nice mini mate. The greys give him that old withered look you sought, I think. Saw him now when you wrote over at the blog that he was Scibor mini. He looks very grimdark, I hope my mini will look as nice.

    Liked by 1 person

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