The Purge Cardinals – Part 5.

As well as many other projects on the go at present the Purge Cardinals (My own Space Marine Chapter) is still progressing behind the scenes. Not that I generally rush any project but this one is really plodding along.

Not too much to report in this post but I have made my first standard trooper.


The 30k Armour is waaaay more cooler than the 40k armour.

I enjoy piecing the marines together, it’s quite therapeutic. As most of you would know my usual approach to putting minis together is doing my own thing with them but for this project I wont be doing too much converting. Only a bit here and there. As you can see there is battle damage and scarring on his armour. For me it’s a must.

For the Logo/Emblem on the shoulder pads I am considering something like this –


It means freehand, which I have little to no experience at, so a challenging task.

What are your thoughts? Too ambitious and is there a way I can make it simpler do you think?

As we all know this hobby can sometimes be like an extreme sport.

Your heart starts to race, your hands tremble, your bottom lip quivers and you break out in a sweat just painting eyes on these tiny little plastic bastards!!

On another note I am still working on the fluff for the Purge Cardinals. It might be quite a lengthy story when it’s complete.

Ok, that’s it, I’m off to work on my Plague Doctor Diorama some more… Ooops did I say that out loud? Sheesh.




20 thoughts on “The Purge Cardinals – Part 5.”

      1. You buy decal paper which goes in the printer. Put the image on Word then print. You then buy a spray to cover the printed document then leave to dry. You then cut out, soak in a little water and the transfer leaves the backing paper and can then be put on the figure to dry and then done. Should be able to get loads of images on a sheet of A4 and you can turn anything into a decal. Check on line. Must be something on YouTube. Just a thought.

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  1. It’s an interesting challenge mate – doing your own transfers is deffo the way to go if you are planning a big number of these guys, but… (quick shuffle as I don my devil’s advocate hat), if you are keeping it small scale then it is a great opportunity to practice your freehand work… just saying 🙂

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  2. I saw the decal and now have the lion king songs in my head. I appreciate this in no way helps give an answer to your question but thought I’d share anyway to see if they’d get in your head… but to now try and be useful. Could you perhaps make a stencil. That way you could just paint over it and that would still give a freehand impression (it might be to small of a surface though).

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  3. Great looking trooper! I say go for it with the free hand work. That lion image is a cool one.

    One potential benefit of this being your first large-scale free hand project is there’s a chance each of your logos/emblems/shoulder designs might look a little different, which I think would really work great with the aesthetic of this army – they’re each a little battered, with customized arms and armor. Variety with the logos seems to fit with that. Heck, maybe part of the fluff is that each warrior (or each warrior’s servants) paints his armor’s logo himself, giving you some variety to play with. Just a (rambling) though! This army is coming along great!

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  4. I think it would depend on a couple of factors – the size of the freehand work and the complexity of the design. If it’s small enough freehand works fine. Once it gets larger reproducibility becomes a challenge. I faced this with my Rooman War Party’s seven-pointed star. At the size I was using on a 25mm small shield, and the difficulty of that star, freehand did not work. I ended up printing the design on plain paper, cutting them out with my exact knife, and gluing and laminating them onto the shields. I’m sure that you’ll succeed either way!

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  5. My vote is for freehand, sure it’s tough, however it’s a damn useful skill to develop. I’ve always liked the concept of personalised armour. Good luck with it!

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  6. Awesome! 🙂 I love that you put the time in to make sure there is battle damage and whatnot. It just makes sense (plus it looks so bad ass!) 😛
    I like the emblem design, too. Best of luck with whichever way you decide to go about applying it. I’m always amazed by the detail you put into these “tiny little plastic bastards” as you oh-so affectionately dubbed them. lol
    Also, I want to see the hell out of that Plague Doctor Diorama. Seriously. Sounds awesome! 😀

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