Nurgle Cultists – March of the Flies part 19.


The Flies are coming………..

Cultists are fascinating to me.

On the one hand I find them eerily crazy with their extremist views/acts and their unconventional manner. On the other hand it’d be a laugh to have one as a pal haha.

Up for your viewing pleasure this evening we have some lovely Nurgle Cultists along with their Champion and Leader.

Lets start with the grunts though.

This first fella has a warped hand and is not the sharpest tool in the shed (The gaping mouth is a give away) but he has some skills with blades. So look out!





This next chap is an older bloke who has seen it all but don’t let his age fool you, he can still stick em like the best of em.




This poor gentleman kept charging when everyone else had stopped or was dead but I would still urge you to side step him.




Now when it comes to this man, well, let’s just say two heads are better than one unless the second one is growing out of your bloody back.






This guy is all business all the time.




Here is the Champion. Mean looking bastard.




Here is where this project gets a little interesting. Note the “mechanics” or the technology infused into the flesh on the Champions back. Hmmm? More on that in a future post.



Leaders come in all shapes and forms. Take Trump and Kim Jong-Un for example haha.

Women make great leaders I reckon.

The Leader of this little Cultist party was intended for my Crooked Man Saga but alas that particular project has hit a wall. However, I really like the model (Random one I found on line) so I wanted to use it. With a few little painting tweaks she fitted right in to this project.

The Leader (The Hag).




Here is a group shot of the Merry Little Band of No-Good-Doers.





20 thoughts on “Nurgle Cultists – March of the Flies part 19.”

  1. Really nice (wrong word here I guess) work mate, when I say the title cultists I immediately thought of blocks in hooded cassocks, but these are great love the chap with two heads and the mecha champion, but the Hag is my favourite (bet she’s popular, but only coz she’s the only woman..any port in a storm as they say!!).

    Cheers Roger.

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      1. Primaris seem to be much more popular than the DG (makes sense, since they fit into a TON of existing armies, while the Death Guard are …Death Guard), so if you bought the big box, I’m sure you’d have no problem doing a split-trade with someone else for the Marines…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m sure I’ll get the Primeys eventually but at this stage I’m loving those nurgly bits of plastic. I didn’t buy the box just the bits from eBay. $22 including postage for 7 Marines plus two of the big guys. One with the bell and one with the flames above his head.

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  2. Nicely done! πŸ™‚ My imagination got a bit carried away with me when I was looking at the two headed guy and I was just thinking how horribly creepy he’d be to run into with that second head on his back and the arm reaching out at you. *cringes*
    The whole lot looks great, and I especially like the hag and the Champion.

    Liked by 1 person

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