The Assassin. March of the Flies – Part 20.

I’ve had this model for a looooong time. Never really knew where to put him until I cam up with The March Of The Flies Project.

Now, even though he is a fly, I’m not, exactly, sure if he fits in with the rest of the group?

Maybe it’s the way I’ve painted him or maybe it’s just the sculpt in general? I don’t know?

He looks a little flamboyant and less plague ridden but then again maybe that’s why he’s an assassin. After all did the Japanese Ninjas look like the standard troops? No.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the little insect but hmmmm I’m just not sure if he works for this project.

Your thoughts, advice and wisdom would be much appreciated on this one but please note I’m not re-painting him dammit!


He was a fiddly little thing to paint but I did enjoy painting him. Didn’t take too long either.


I think he looks a little rabbit-ish come to think of it haha.



His swords were starting to creak as I tried to bend them into shape so I left them as I didn’t want them to snap. This model is lead.

I am really happy with how the cape turned out. I used a blue glaze on it. I like the little boot daggers he has on each boot. I didn’t even notice them until I started painting him.



He is a cool model and I really do like him but yeah, not sure if he works for this project.



His stance is cool too.





25 thoughts on “The Assassin. March of the Flies – Part 20.”

      1. Is he your go to? I have a bloke like that too. One time I was at work talking about smurfs and for the life of me I couldn’t remember the name of the bad guy in the cartoons. I made the phone call, asked the question and my mate said “Gargamel” then hung up haha.

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      2. Hey mate, would you like this mini? The more i look at him the more I think he just doesn’t fit with the group. I know he’s your type of thing so instead of him sitting in a dark cupboard collecting dust I’d be happy to send him to you.

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      3. Well I’m not 100% sure if I’ll make it man. More of a timing issue. My wife works shift work and can’t get the dates off that mark has planned. Send me your address via email and I’ll post the little fella out 😊

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  1. Really like the figure- he reminds me of the old chaos champions. Not sure the aesthetic fits with your other models though. Personally I’d go with the rule of cool and keep him in though.



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  2. Really nice piece! As he’s much more neat and tidy than the others, I can see what you mean about being undecided. He could work as a nice tie-in to the project, even if you don’t add him as a regular. I sort of see him as something like a really high-ranking, aristocratic servant of some demonic king, and a little annoyed at being sent down (or up!) to work with the really unwashed masses.

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