The Purge Cardinals – part 6.

Godmorgen Mine Venner…

The Purge Cardinals Space Marine Project is purposely grinding along slowly behind the scenes. As explained in previous posts, I am really taking my time with this one.

I finished this fellow last night.

Sergeant Leo of First Squad –


Just about every model in this army will have battle damage to show that they’re not afraid of a scrap and also that they’ve been battling for many a year. Sergeant Leo’s shoulder guard/pad has just about been hacked in half.

It’s a simple stance but one that says… “C’mon then son, I’ll have ya.”

I also get the feeling that Sergeant Leo is a fan of Cowboys from the old west.

My second favourite Cowboy, after John Wayne of course, once said this…

“I’ll blow a hole in your face then go inside and sleep like a baby” – Clint Eastwood.

Although it was in the movie Gran Torino but hey once a cowboy always a cowboy.

Anyway, where were we? Ahh yes Space Cowboys… errr no… Space Marines.

I hope ya’ll like Sergeant Leo ya here…

Now where did I leave my stirrups and cowboy hat?



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