Plague Prophet #1 “Enoch” – March of the Flies part 21.

In part 19 of this disease ridden project I introduced you to the Nurgle Cultist Champion and mentioned the “mechanics” seen on his back.

Here –


When this project first started out I intended it to be purely fantasy/Age of Sigmar looking. i.e no jet packs, bolt pistols, advanced warfare technology.

The first thing that put up a hurdle to this idea was the fact that one of my “Flies” (coming soon), has some jet like engines instead of wings.

Then GW did this –


Which, as we know, is full of some fantastic Nurgle goodness.

Of course I had to get my hands on those lovely Nurgly things but it had me thinking? How can I blend the two time frames??????????????????????????????????????????????



The skies above darkened to a deep scab red and then rained blood down on the vast, infested and dead crop fields. The forces of Nurgle, at first, paid no heed as they feasted on the rotting corpses of their enemies recently slain.

Then a crack of light tore open the, almost, black sky and all of the warriors stopped to look up. With their faces being splattered with blood rain they stared at the light which grew brighter. Some were forced to shield their eyes, others drew their bloodied and rusted swords. For them, light meant threat.

The Decay shaman looked out from his maggot ridden hooded cloak and smiled grimly. “It’s a sign.” He croaked.

Flies, big, small and monstrous buzzed around excitedly as though they already knew the secret to this strange light in the sky.

The light started to get bigger and was clearly descending down to where the the Nurgle army were encamped.

Lord Pestilence called out to his followers, “Be calm my children, steady yourselves. If it is a demon of some kind we will tame it, if it’s an enemy from the Emperor God we will slay it.” His steed snorted loudly, as if retorting, and a globule of mucus fell from it’s nostrils and sizzled when it hit the ground.

The army spread as the light approached getting, lower and lower down to their position.

The Decay Shaman felt his heart racing. He had seen something like this before, or maybe read about it. it was going to be a good thing for them. A joyous thing. He could feel it.

Now the light was so close it was taking on a shape. A humanoid shape. The tension on the field could be sliced with scythe.

Then, finally, the blinding light landed in the clearing, surrounded by all horrors of Nurgle. The light started to fade and all that watched stood with their mouths agape.

A heavily but strangle armoured man stood before them. They knew in an instant he was not a foe for the stink and look of rot about him reassured them all. A long, slick, purple tongue escaped from the huge mutant mouth on his stomach and licked its torring fangs before the moth spoke. “I am Enoch the Prophet.” The voice was raspy, deep, gurgly and mechanical.

Lord Pestilence called to this strange being, “Friend or foe?”

The armoured man started to cackle from it’s wide gaping mouth and a second, slightly smaller, purple tongue came lolling out. The horned head of the man looked around at the gathering around him. “I can see I am among friends here. Do not fear. When the others are all here this army will be unstoppable.” The same raspy voice declared.

“Where are you from and who are the others of which you speak?” Lord pestilence asked.

“I am from the future my friend. A long way from this place. Our battle is losing and our Gods are dying in that place. The only…” He paused to hack up a large bloodied tumorous looking thing onto the ground. “The only way we saw to remedy our fate was to go back. Go back to your time and… start over. This time you will have our powers to strengthen your force and your resolve. We have seen your devotion but we have also seen your hearts. With our help and guidance this army will become stronger than ever before. The others I speak of are my brothers and also our leaders. They will be here when they can.” Enoch said.

“So you are a Prophet?” The Decay Shaman called out.

The man laughed again. “Yes, I am. In my time we have spoken with Papa Nurgle. He knew what had to be done, so here I am before you, through his love and power we will be victorious. There is much to be done but once our force is complete we will show no mercy to all those who oppose the plague.”

So there’s the fluff, the reason why I can combine both time frames. Yes it’s a stretch haha but a believable one in a fantasy world.

I converted the first plague marine over to AOS as best I could but there is still a 40k air about him plus the pipes, piston things and back armour are a give away.






These new models from GW are fantastic. There have already been a heap of reviews so I wont go in to it too much but I will say this; In my opinion they’re some of the best from GW to date. Lots of details. Lot’s of fun to paint but quite challenging to convert.

I’ve completed all the conversions and will showcase each one at a time once painted.

Here is Plague Prophet Enoch conversing with Lord Pestilence and the Decay Shaman.








I hope you guys like the first Plague Prophet.










20 thoughts on “Plague Prophet #1 “Enoch” – March of the Flies part 21.”

  1. This relatively fresh follower of the Future Nurgle is impressed. Used to field Chaos Warriors with a Nurgle-marked Sorcerer back in the day – But hey, there are several non-technological worlds where a Power-armored being is a Knight of the Gods. With guns, he’s might just be a bully… With ‘honorable’ weapons, a true challenge for the ones aspiring to Dark Glory..

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