Plague Prohpet #2 Chernobog – March of the Flies part 22.

Chernobog, the rotten Messiah.

He, like Enoch, came from the sky and from distant future to guide their own ancient brethren to victory.

Chernobog is a seer of all be it in the eye or the mind.

He is a warrior, a psychic and worshiped among his peers.

He has strange armour and an even stranger backpack.

Some say that one day he will rule but for now he plays his role and he plays it well.


I really enjoyed painting Chernobog. I kept the palette fairly muted to make the red hood really stand out. Not too much rot on this guy either.


Fairly simple conversion work on this one.


Hmm, seeing the base up close I can see I need to do a little more work.

I really like Chernobogs cape.


I’m happy with his backpack. Again muted tones with some highlighting.

Close up of the Fly. He was a tricky little thing to paint. For the wings I tried black base with very dry brush of sand. I was trying to get a veiny look to them.


I really like this model, more so than Enoch (Plague Prophet #1).


No blood for a change haha.


In the pic below I was trying to capture the Ghouls severed head swinging from the chain.


Yep he’s badass!


I hope you like him gang.




33 thoughts on “Plague Prohpet #2 Chernobog – March of the Flies part 22.”

  1. Loving this plague prophet side project, my friend! Not sure if you’re a reader of Black Library’s books, but have you read “Flesh and Iron” by Henry Zou?

    The story follows (in part) four Chaos Space Marines who come to a primitive jungle world to train and equip the natives to overthrow Imperial rule (even injecting the best rebel fighters with daemon blood to turn them into monstrous warriors).

    This project with your futuristic warriors coming back as prophets reminds me of those Marines in the best kind of way! Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha no pressure then. πŸ˜† The author is actually an Australian veteran and the book is the second in his “Bastion Wars” trilogy (the three books are only loosely linked and can be read in any order). I really dug his gritty take on 40k. Keep me posted on what you think of it!

        Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve been pretty busy with work, which I will post about soon. I’ve also been sick for a week and I when I do get time something comes up, but I’m hobby bound tonight and Saturday!

        Liked by 1 person

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