Do you get that buzz?

Good eve to all you slightly unhinged individuals. I hope the air tastes great where you currently find yourself and there is plenty bananas, penicillin and deep fried funk to go around.

Last night and today I wanted to do something a little different so I built a few more (9 haha) models for my Outgard Warband. I think they’ll be good adversaries for my Techno Barbarians (Also built another 4 or 5).

The one Outgard Warband member I wanted to show you tonight just ticked all the boxes for me.

Do you get that buzz?

You’re searching your sprues or bitz box and then suddenly you find something, that ignites something in your brain, then you’re cutting, snipping, positioning and gluing then BOOM… You’re over the moon with your little hero scale creation hahaha.

Well that was me today with the last Outgard addition I made… for now.




The stance, the position of the sword and the eyes (visor) peeking over the top of the shield SCREAMS War Master to me. This guy oozes skill, no how, confidence, prowess and just awesomeness I reckon.

What do you think?

The skulls were tricky to slice and came from a Bloodreavers banner but look pretty bloody nasty on the shield me thinks. They are surely trophies from some of his better or bigger kills. Kings, Warlords, Champions and that chick at the KFC drive through that gives me more wings than breasts even though I specifically ask for more breasts. I don’t give a damn what their policy is… Let me speak to the Colonel.

The sword arm is from the scions kit. I was going to put a gun in the hand and then I thought no sword, however the angle looked a little off and the blade was almost vertical with the tip hitting the ground. So I trialed putting the blade on the other side of his clasped hand and almost passed out with excitement at how cool it looked. Hahaha.

I’m also a fan of the head/helmet. It looks like it was almost made for the Outgard look. Love the old-school mixed with the new-school.

One more thing. What are your thoughts on Instagram?

I have just opened an account, nothing on it yet.

Why did I open one? I don’t know?

Will I use it? I don’t know?

Is there any real point to it when I already share pictures here? I don’t know?

Let me know your thoughts you culturally diverse motley crew.




PS – Soulfly, have a listen if you like your music a little mad and heavy.


20 thoughts on “Do you get that buzz?”

  1. Another cracking figure, looking forward to seeing him painted.

    No opinion of Instagram, never used it, I am a bit of a social media pariah TBH

    “just think of Friendface like sticking your head in a bucket of germs! some of the germs will stick to your face…….”

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. The model looks outstanding! Love the use of bits and how he came together. Can’t wait to see the rest built in this latest hobbying binge!

    I definitely know that “buzz” and the delightful feeling when a model suddenly comes together even better than you’d hoped. I’ll even get to a point where I think, “I have enough unpainted models, I’ll focus on painting instead of building for now.” Then of course inspiration strikes or I look in the bit box and some new model cries out to be built haha

    I’ve got mixed feelings on Instagram. I don’t post much on there but have found a lot of cool artists, friends, famous folks, and other interesting people to follow. There are some great hobbyists on there who don’t have blogs elsewhere (Opus Maius is the big one that comes to mind).

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    1. Haha mate you and I at cut from the same cloth. I have grown to really enjoy painting but it will never surpass the rush of cutting and conveying etc. opus Maius is a fave of mine. Wilhelm and Nicolas grillet are also heroes.

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      1. My husband was in a car accident, so I’ve been mostly off line taking care of him. He’s a lot better now, so I have more time to be online again.

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  3. Nice conversion as always. Now more paint!
    As for Instagram, I look forward to seeing your upcoming but surely-endless series of staring-at-your-phone-screen bikini gym selfies.

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  4. Looks great! 😀 That shield is amazing. I love it.
    I’ve never used Instagram before, but I say why not give it a go if you’re interested in it? 🙂 It could wind up being a really cool place for you to share your craft, and if you don’t like it you can just stop using it. Could be cool though!

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