Plague Prophet #4 Lomek – March of the Flies Part 24.

Hello again! If you are reading this as my second post for this evening Kudos to you for following the right order haha.

Lomek is an old, very old, warrior for the Nurgle Legions. He is a fallen champion of a great but, presumed, extinct Astarates Chapter called The Purge cardinals.

Despite is age, which is said to be in the two hundreds, Lomek is stealthy, cunning, savage and calculating. He is bulky but light on his feet and can, if needed, be a one man army. He is also full of tricks that he has adopted from fallen foes over the many decades.


Like his brothers, The Creeping Death disease clings to his body but does not seem to hinder him, if anything, it seems to invigorate him.

As you can see the gaping wound on his stomach constantly drips with blood but he is blessed with immortality and wears his vicious wound with pride.

Lomek carries two items that gives away his past loyalty to the Purge Cardinals, his shield and his armour cloak. The shield, which once bore a Lion’s face, is seeps with rot, puss and blood. The armour cloak is tattered and filthy but it is a prized item for old Lomek. He lives with only one regret… he didn’t kill his Pride Leader when he was  purge cardinal.


The only trophy old Lomek carries is the skull perched and skewered atop his helm. The skull belongs to a battle and blood brother of the Purge Cardinals.


I’m very happy with this conversion and he was good fun to paint.


Love that gaping stomach wound. It makes me feel sick, which is a good thing haha.




I like Lomek’s pose.





17 thoughts on “Plague Prophet #4 Lomek – March of the Flies Part 24.”

  1. Nice work. You should have a look at the “First Strike” 40k starter box. All unique sculpts not repeated from the big starter and I’m sure you’d enjoy working with those as well.

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