The Undying Page – March of the Flies Part 25.

I took a small break from painting the Plague Prophets for the March of the flies project to paint this poor soul (For the March of the flies as well) –


As a young man all he wanted to be was a Knight. When he was eight his father, a Lord, sent him to train with a Commoner who had become a Knight. Sir Oscar “Blood Ale” Reynfred. Unfortunately Sir Reynfred acquired his nickname by drinking blood when celebrating victories instead of ale and was prone to obtaining said blood by slaughtering his servants. One such servant was Marianne a young wench who our Page had taken quite a liking too. When the Page found Marianne’s lifeless and bloodless body he went into a rage and charged Sir Reynfred with a fork with the full intention of draing him of HIS blood. The Page was no warrior, far from it, and Reyfred backhanded the young man to the ground and roared with laughter. Then the Knight had his cronies tie the Page to a wooden table where they all spent the rest of the evening slowly cutting away his flesh. Strip by bloody strip. The Page screamed for a good hour before falling unconscious.

When the Page woke he found himself in a cellar which he quickly realized was a makeshift morgue. An old, decrepit man stood next to him smiling. The Page squirmed when he saw maggots wriggling between the old mans teeth. The old man told the boy he was a Shaman and offered him eternal life and said that his wounds were so severe he would not survive the night otherwise. The Page excepted the gift and drank a strange elixir from the Shamans canteen. It tasted sweet but sickly. The boy suddenly convulsed and blood spewed from deep within his throat out onto the cellar floor. The Shaman started to laugh as tears filled the young Pages eyes. He stared at the old man with fear. Then he clasped his throat, he couldn’t breathe. he fell to the floor and convulsed again. More blood came trickling out of him mouth and he realized he was not crying tears but blood. Still the Shaman laughed, enjoying the spasms of the boy and the fear that had engulfed him. Then, all was black and the Page felt at peace… but not for long. When there was light again it blinded his eyes at first. “Look what you have become my boy, look what you are now and forever.” A croaky voice said mockingly.

The Pages vision cleared and he saw that the light was the shine of a mirror held before him. The Page repelled and screamed at what he saw looking back him for the reflection was that of a monster…


If you look closely at the staff you’ll see I’ve painted some Runes, sort of haha. Just wanted it to look a little more interesting.










Painting the Page was fairly easy and lots of fun. I actually made him quite a while back and just added the staff.


As a bonus, here are the three Models I’ve painted in the last 24 hours in a mini groupie.


Thanks for reading and/or viewing.

Comments are always welcome.

Don’t be shy, I only bite on Wednesday mornings and after Water Polo on Saturdays.



24 thoughts on “The Undying Page – March of the Flies Part 25.”

  1. a.) Looks like it was an awesomely productive night!

    b.) I thought I’d lump all my comments on one page so you didn’t have to toggle around.

    c.) This is a great batch of new models! I don’t know if I could pick a favorite, but if I had to, I’d say the Apprentice (the hood setup is great). Love the mix of medieval, loyalist Space Marine, and plague marine bits.

    d.) I absolutely 💛💚💙 the fluff in these pieces. Awesome how the Purge Cardinals have been tied in, and it’s really cool to see how each character has his own background and journey. It’s not just a faceless horde of chaos. There are real villainous characters and much more sympathetic ones, even guys you’re kinda rooting for. Which is how I picture the forces of Chaos.

    e:) Have you had a chance to start “Flesh and Iron”? If so, are you enjoying it? (I just want to make sure I’m not assaulted by an angry Aussie when I leave my house to go to work in the morning 😆)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, I actually laughed out loud on point E. I sat down to start reading it but was then distracted for some reason or another. Something bright and shiny probably grabbed my attention haha. Thanks for the comments mate. I try to give a story to each model but sometimes I just don’t put it on here. For me, it brings them to life more. I still have quite a few models to paint before this project is finished and now I have the painting bug so hopefully you’ll see some more soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It should still be there, I just haven’t had time to nurse it the past 4months or so what with writing for figurementors, competition painting and a general lack of time. I guess it’s sunk a little into obscurity at the moment. I shall revive it soon with a series of Tor Megiddo posts soon and after that I will try to widen the page to encompass more of my hobby antics, so it won’t grow cold whenever I am not working an a gaming project. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks man. For the Page the title was going to be “check this guy’s balls out” haha. I’m positive that you and I are cut from the same cloth, albeit a dirty, stained and encrusted cloth hahaha.


  2. So … did he get his revenge on the Knight. Maybe what’s left of the Knight is inside those balls on top of the small sapling he’s carrying around?

    Liked by 1 person

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