Plague Prophet #5 – Fasciola – March Of The Flies – Part 26

For those of you that may be new to the blog, or for those elderly readers among you that may have forgotten what this is all about… haha

March Of The Flies is my NURGLE project. It has been so much fun.

Now, just to make sure you’re still with me, here is a link to explain how futuristic disease infested warriors come to be hanging out with fantasy type warriors.

Another Plague Prophet has come down from the sky and his name is Fasciola.

Fasciola is a berserker by nature. He’d rather run into the thick of battle, hungry for blood and eager to spread disease instead of any kind of tactical advance.

Watch your front lines with this chap.


I paid special attention to the banner, his horny shoulder pad, his shield and his axe. Should I put the three circles on the banner or no?




Hulking through some Chaos ruins looking for any poor victim.


I wasn’t sure about the mix of legs at first but now, seeing them in the pix, I think they work quite well.



Thanks for looking







27 thoughts on “Plague Prophet #5 – Fasciola – March Of The Flies – Part 26”

  1. He’s bad-ass dude! This might sound daft, but I really like the helmet choice here – not an obvious Nurgley choice, and all the better for it in my book. As for painting a design on the banner? The fact that you asked shows that you already know the answer mate 😉

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  2. He looks pretty good to me, mate – but without some kind of iconography or heraldry on the banner, its just a piece of coloured cloth. Which works in some contexts, like off a shoulder or a scarf etc, but not from banner poles. For making holes in plastic just heat some brass rod etc to red hot using the stove (hold the rod with pliers and thick gloves and/or pliers or have the figure blu-taced to an old paint pot – while having the window open and/or range hood on – safety first!) And poke holes in it with the red hot rod…

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  3. This is my probably my favourite of your Nurgle band so far. The shield is ‘nurgley’ (and large) enough that you probably don’t need it on the banner too and having that as his personal colours fits in with the knightly look too, though as Azazel says it probably needs some personal heraldry added (maybe a corrupted Bretonnian theme for something a bit different?).

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      1. Dude, life just ran me down. No hobby for age now. And no, I won’t make it this time. But Mark is already talking about another game early next year so I’m aiming for that one. Will you make it?

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  4. See, it may be that I’m projecting my own insecurities onto you, but whenever I see a banner on one of my own models that lacks any kind of heraldry, it looks unfinished (to my eye). I see it for what it is, a banner I wanted to paint but which I ultimately bottled out of. Now I’m not saying that’s the case with your own work, just that this is how I see my models, but unfortunately I suspect this may be a common character flaw amongst the greater population of our hobby – and as its mostly going to be other hobbyists that admire this model I reckon you should get some heraldry on there. Beyond that however I really think you’ve nailed this one, the helmet choice is superb and the whole model has a nice sense of superhuman bulk.

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  5. Awesome work! Fantastic detail and he even has a slimy texture to him! Amazing job.
    As far as making holes in the banner (if you choose to go that route), you can get tiny little drill bits, or not-so-tiny but small enough to do the job. I use one for by finger power for recessing magnets and such.
    I have a banner I need to figure out. I’m afraid to try to paint anything on it cuz my freehand would look terrible, so it’ll probably just stay as is. For yours, maybe some black oozing around the holes would look good?

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