A new INQ28 Project and my obsession with small war bands.

Whats that? Yes, another war band. It’ll be my fourth.

The first was Inquisitor Lord Julius Fendrake. Quite an involved war band. Lot’s of research for characters and also lot’s of hunting for the right models and bits. I worked backwards on this one. Wrote the fluff and THEN made the models to fit the descriptions. It was so much fun but I have only used them in one or two games.

Here is the link for those of you that may never have seen the first war band, or for those who like to go down memory lane.


The second war band, The Scrappers, came together more organically, as in I just started glueing things together and came up with some cool looking characters.


The third one was requested/inspired by Mark from Heresy Of Us – https://heresyofus.com/ and was a lot of fun to put together and, actually, my favourite of the three finished.


One common thing for all three war bands is the character development and fluff. I really enjoy that aspect of the retinues. Who each character is and how they came to be apart of the war band is great fun thinking up and writing down.

My inspiration for characters can come from completed models I’ve made or others have made or from what I’ve seen on line. It can also come from movies, songs and even people I meet haha. You never know where the inspo is going to pop up from really.

I recently discovered Clint Langley and his amazing art and, as you can probably guess, I AM INSPIRED hahaha.

Here is some of his gear.








Awesome stuff huh?

However it’s the next image that really had me at “Hello”


None other than Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn.

My Inquisitor will be his Cousin Xavier Eisenberg.

Some key points about this new INQ28 war band of mine:

  • This retinue will be the smallest one, so far, as I will focus even more on character development/fluff and also the painting.
  • The miniatures will not just be GW ones.
  • Like Fendrake’s Retinue this one will also have a vehicle, maybe even two.
  • Unlike any of the other retinues this one will have a colour scheme to link them all together.

Stay tuned for more.



10 thoughts on “A new INQ28 Project and my obsession with small war bands.”

  1. Clint Langley is one of best artists I’ve seen this decade, he’s got an impressive range of artworks on many franchises.

    If your interested to see more of his work, I’d definitely recommend looking into his A.B.C Warriors artwork from 2,000ad comics. A great example his unique digital art style as well as his Black and white gritty and brutal art.

    Also, I’d recommend looking into another artist called Simon Bisley, he has a fantastic range of fantasy and Sci-Fi comic artwork. His artwork from 2,000ad comics on Sláine and A.B.C Warriors are a great source of inspiration for any project work.

    Hope these will be useful inspiration for your current or future projects! 🙂

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