I BLoody love the band Motörhead but, sadly, this is not about them. RIP Lenny, a God among men.

No this post is about some cool cars I’ve modified and converted to be even cooler cars. All in miniature of course.

First up is The Black Mamba

I didn’t do much to her just gave her a mat black paint job with some red race stripes. I also added some dust and sand.


Next is The Devil Driver

It was a mustard yellow with white roof.


Last we have The Blood Buggy

You may have seen this vehicle in my last battle report.

Its my fave!! Check out the circular saw on the running board. Brutal.


I call the rocket on the bonnet Little Miss Boom Boom.


Have a happy Tuesday or Wednesday or even Neptune Day.



29 thoughts on “Motorhead”

  1. I absolutely love Motorhead, too. A while back I even named my hamster after Lemmy. Needless to say, he was one badass little hamster. 😛
    These are seriously awesome. They look like they’d make for the most brutal demolition derby EVER. 😀

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