Metal Up Your Ass (arse) Part 1.

Well hello there you miniature loving Mo Fo’s, hows things?

Have you missed me? Have you even noticed I haven’t published many posts lately? Of course you have and that’ll explain why you have been banging your skulls against brick walls screaming until you can taste blood “WHEREFORE ART THOUGH HOBBY BROTHER?”

Speaking of banging skulls/heads I have, on many, many occasion, banged my head to some metal music. I was a teen when the grunge scene came to town and that lead me on a path of drunken nights and heavier and heavier music. I missed out on the whole cock rock thing. Haha that genre in name and style still makes me giggle like a little boy. Yeah tight animal print pants on long haired men isn’t exactly my thing. However I’m not that arrogant to realise that metal was around long before I started listening to it. I’m quite selective in my taste when it comes to metal music. I like to actually hear the lyrics, or at least be able to figure out what the words are through the guttural screaming.

I wouldn’t say I’m a die hard fan of Metal but if you were to peruse my extensive and eclectic music library your ears are bound to bleed after listening to a good 25% of the tracks. Hell Yeah!

One little bit of trivia I do know about metal has something to do with the title of this post? Lets see who knows what I’m banging on about aye? No cheating (googling) either you sneaky BASTIDS!

I wont bore you with my own biographical musical journey.

Instead I’ll get to the point.

There have been some pretty cool metal band names brought to the table over the years, also some really shite ones haha.

What this series is about is me choosing some cool metal band names that have inspired me to make models based on the name. Does that make sense? It does in my head but I’ve had a couple of Rums, hey it’s Wednesday after all and we all know what that means? In Iceland it’s called RumDay. Google that! I’ll be surprised if you find anything on it because it’s complete bollocks.

So on we trot –

My first offering for you good folk is the largest model of the group which suits the name:


(Every time I look at this Model I scream the name and do the devil horns hand gesture haha)

Can’t say I’ve listened to much of Megadeaths gear and what I have listened to didn’t really grab me but what a cool bloody name!!


Apart from the EPIC shot above I haven’t used any filters on the pictures so you can get a proper grasp of the colours I’ve used etc.


I concentrated on highlighting and not just with drybrushing.


The head on the rider is one of my favourites. I love the deadpan statuesque look it has. I was pretty pumped when I added the blood tear coming from his eye. It was actually a bit tricky to get the right looking tear streak and it took me three or four goes at it. I ended up watering down Blood for the Blood God tech paint. Might still be a little thick but hey what are you gonna do?


I love his weapon.


Now a special mention must be made on the tail. Mum and Dad were visiting recently for a few weeks (They live a long way away in Never Never Land) and both parents took quite an interest in my hobby. I think they were both intrigued and concerned with my passion and obsession haha. Anyway Mother ImperialRebelOrk saw me working on this model and said “His tail looks silly and too stumpy.” She suggested it needed to be longer and swishier. After I stopped crying I realised how right she was. I lopped off the weird stump of a tail from the standard/original model and made what you see below. Much, MUCH better. Good call Mum now make me a bloody sandwich dammit.


A couple of months ago I bought the big pack of skulls from GW and fell in love with the skull below but, at the time, didn’t have the faintest idea how and when I would use it. Admittedly, when I first stuck it on I thought it looked a bit comical like it has a sort of sad whimsical expression haha. Then I added the antlers from the Dryads kit and the whole thing looked a lot creepier. I like it.


I kept the lower jaw though. Seems to work quite well.


Colour choices were pretty straight forward. I like my greens.


I didn’t go overboard with spatters of blood (for a change haha).




I love that blood tear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



So there you have it my first installment of my Metal Up Your Ass (Arse) series haha.


I think the model suits the name, what do you think?

I bet your minds are thinking of band names right now, if they weren’t they are now…




43 thoughts on “Metal Up Your Ass (arse) Part 1.”

  1. Welcome back! That blood tear caught my eye immediately, followed by that huge skull. Very nice visually. Good discussion on the bands, and really there are limitless possibilities there…Judas Priest as an evil cleric, Steppenwolf as a lycan, Black Sabbath (so many ideas), Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin. Hereโ€™s a thought, even song titles as themes…inspired Work IRO!

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      1. When I ran a Tunnels and Trolls campaign back at West Point in the early 80โ€™s, the evil centerpiece was a Balrog wizard who had visited the US in the late 60โ€™s/early 70โ€™s transdimensionally and tried LSD. His name…Purple Haze

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  2. Welcome back dude – Iโ€™ve been missing your unique brand if miniature madness! Loving Mr. Megadeath, heโ€™s flippinโ€™ nuts mate. Lovely greens, and that spear is so cool!

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  3. Wow that is a beautiful model. I LOVE the skull used there, what a great idea. I was wondering what to use that bit for. I really may steal this in the future for something….

    I myself am not really a metal fan. I have tried. Anything harder than Sabbath though I can’t really get into.

    But I love the naming / imagery involved in metal. It’s very grimdark.

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  4. Thank you for shoving some metal up our arses๐Ÿค˜๐Ÿป. Love Megadeath(your model). Love that background drawing too. Unfortunatly most of the metal I listen too you have to read the lyrics with… I could suggest Gojira or Vildjarta for names tho, maybe if you work on a group of models Cult of Luna… welcome back

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  5. Nice to see you back with a vengeance! Very cool mini! But you can tell the truth, you’re amongst friends, we all know her indoors has made you catch up on the gardening, the ironing etc. but you’ve covered your tracks well by producing a smashing figure for us all to admire!
    Excellent stuff,

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  6. Great work there, IRO. The model looks great and the somber, muted paint suits it perfectly. The choice to paint his helm white makes it a natural focal point even on a model with so much happening – this in turn makes the tear stand out strongly.
    If you’re willing to take a bit of a half-step from more traditional heavy metal, then Rammstein would be a good, evocative choice. And if you *really* wanted to go Warhammer-Metal, then there’s only one – Bolt Thrower.

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  7. Megadeth eh! What a band! I know you say they’ve not 100% grabbed you yet but seriously, check out their early stuff (Rust In Peace and earlier). I’ll admit that some of the more recent stuff has been a bit duff.

    As for the model, I love him. If it were me I might have bulked out the neck a bit, it looks a bit this just where it joins the skull. Otherwise very nice indeed – in fact this gives me a lot of inspiration for a model I’ve been battling with lately. Out of curiosity where is the tail from?

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    1. I’ll have to have a proper listen mate. In retrospect I think I could have added a collar to give the neck a bit of bulk. I just thought of the perfect but I could have used ahhhh well. The tail is made from a gas feed pipe for a scion flame thrower and the tip is a spear head from chaos mounted marauders. I look forward to seeing your creation man.

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  8. Some of my favourite band long sleeve t-shirts were my megadeath ones (yep I WAS that cool when younger…). If you haven’t got Iron Maiden in the works I’d be surprised! That is a sweet model, fully agree with the above comments that the face and tear are quality

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  9. Yayyyy! I’m glad to see new posts from you! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I love the idea of using metal band names to inspire models. There’s definitely some great names out there that could be implemented for this. This first one is seriously awesome. I love everything about it. The warrior himself, his mount, the colors, the weapon. It all looks fantastic.
    Haha I absolutely love that your referred to your mom as “Mother ImperialRebelOrk”. The visual in my head when I read those words together was nothing short of amazing. ๐Ÿ˜› Also, kudos to her for her call regarding the tail. ๐Ÿ™‚ She sounds a lot like my mom in that way. Whenever I have done artsy stuff my mom never shied away from pointing out certain things that needed more work, which honestly, I’m grateful for since it continues to push me whenever I get lazy or bored and think a piece is done when it could really use just a bit more work to make it better. ๐Ÿ™‚
    The blood tear against that ghastly white face is perfect. I love it. You made a lot of great color choices throughout this whole model. It looks awesome and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more in this metal-inspired series. ๐Ÿ˜€
    Haha And you called it at the end, as soon as I read the theme of this series by brain started thinking of other metal band names that could make cool models. ๐Ÿ˜›

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