Metal Up Your Ass (arse) Part 2.

Thanks a lot for the response to the first part of this little series gang. Much appreciated.

Even though I haven’t been posting I have been building and painting so expect a post each day or so for the next few days.

Unlike MEGADEATH, SLAYER is a band I’m quite in to especially the two albums “Undisputed Attitude” and “Diablos in Musica”. Undisputed was high energy punk infused mayhem. Love it!

Unfortunately when I went and saw them a decade or so ago they didn’t impress me at all. They were the headline act but I was more excited about the back up bands. The singer annoyed me a bit haha.

The name SLAYER is very typical and very 80s but awesome at the same time. So simple but brutal and to the point. How could I resist making a model inspired by this name?



The model needed to look like a Slayer. Someone loping about with some sort of massive bladed weapon slaying things haha.

Like with yesterdays post only the first pic has been edited.

I was going to go with a scythe but I thought that might be a bit too typical.

The hands screwed up a bit but I’m quite happy with the end result.

My favourite part to the model is the helmet with those exaggerated horns.


Although I was tempted to cover him from head to toe in blood I restrained myself and I think it works better that way. Maybe he’s just started his day of slaying and has only lopped off a few heads so far.


I really like the shot below.


I went with a yellow sandy/dusty base to add contrast to the model. It’s not usually a colour I use so I wanted to try something new.




I like the scratches on the helmet and I also tried my best with the skin tone and muscle definition.




I think the SLAYER is pretty Bad Arse. He actually looks like he’s going to stick the axe head up where the sun don’t shine haha.



I hope you like my second offering in this series πŸ˜‰

See you tomorrow



17 thoughts on “Metal Up Your Ass (arse) Part 2.”

    1. Thanks Dave. Capturing the right image is very important to me. When I look at other peoples models it’s always the ones that in a setting or exude a certain mood that I enjoy the most. Therefore I try to create the same thing.

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  1. That axe tho! I’ve also seen Slayer and was a bit disappointed but more with the crowd than the band. My husband tells tales of back in the day when the entire hill area of the venue turned into a mosh pit. (This hill surrounds the entire pavilion.) He had me ready to run for cover when the band came out. However this time, everyone sat in their spot and peacefully head banged. Quite a disappointment in Detroit Rock City!

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  2. Nice! Another great installment in this series. πŸ˜€ I especially love the axe and helmet. I like the level of gore you went for this one. Makes it look like he started his business of slaying and is now on the hunt for his next victims and the blood’s starting to dry up. Especially with the color of the sand beneath him, makes me think he’s somewhere hot and arid.
    I was kind of underwhelmed when I saw Slayer live, too, actually. I think a lot of it may have been because I’d just been up front by the stage for King Diamond and that was so utterly amazing and exciting that by the time I went back onto the hill to rejoin the rest of the group of people I was with, NOTHING was going to compare to King Diamond. lol I know High School Me would have been all excited to be seeing Slayer, but Current Me was just like “I just saw and interacted with THE KING and absolutely NOTHING can top that right now.” πŸ˜›

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    1. I’m not familiar with King diamond. I’ll be sure to listen tonight. I’m glad you like my slayer model. I tend to get carried away with blood and gore. It I think there’s just enough on him. The helmet is my favourite.

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