PAINTING Decemb-uary!!

Hello people of the miniature world. It’s time to go bigger.

Our good friend and Guru Azazel has put out a challenge of sorts.

See here –

Painting Decemb-uary 2017-18

Basically paint something BIG over December and January, hence the very clever Decemb-uary. No smaller than an Ogre at least.

For my centrepiece I’ve gone with a Stonehorn from BeastClaw raiders. I’ve liked them since they came out.

I’ve never really been in to Ogres but I think that’s just changed. The beast and the rider (Frostlord) are awesome.

This is the largest model I’ve built and I’ve got to say it’s really, really cool. So much detail and it all went together quite easily.

I was feeling a little bit overwhelmed at the thought of putting this big bastard together but the motivation to take part in the painting challenge was key.

Now to paint. Wow! As is my way I’m not going for the white frosty look. I’m going to go for a more wooly mamoth type look but not like Manny from Ice Age haha.

As far as the mournfang critters that came in the “start collecting” box I won’t be mounting them with Ogres as I think the riders look too big and silly on the small animals.


I’ve got something else planned for the Mournfangs.

Im in love with the model below


The only negative I had with this model was the extremely thing rope thing displaying his trophies. It snapped in three places before I even got it off the sprue so that’s why there’s a body hanging instead haha. I like it, prefer it actually.

Peace out civillians



33 thoughts on “PAINTING Decemb-uary!!”

  1. Beastclaw Raiders are models in boss mode, especially the big mammut things. I Think Duncan made a how to paint vid of this model (if you’re looking for inspiration). This challenge will work fine with my Lord of Skulls project.

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  2. Glad you posted this, I’d somehow missed the Decemb-uary thing until now (but now it’s come to my attention I’m well up for it). I’ve always had mixed feelings about the ogres, some of those models are just ace, others don’t quite work for me – although as ever I reckon a grubby, tribal paintjob serves them better than GW’s squeaky clean house-style. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the mournfangs, like you I reckon they should be swaybacked from carrying those tumpsters around all day, but the big cats themselves are pretty ace and would definitely lend themselves to all kinds of interesting projects.

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  3. Good choice of model mate. My daughter likes the Ogre range and wants me to buy some. Maybe I will and get her to paint them. I like the use of the hanging man and agree with you as I think it looks better to. I have a large model that was meant for the AoS28 monster comp, but like usual time passed me by with other things deemed to important. Maybe I’ll get my chance to finish it this December. 🙂

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      1. Haha nope. Well the offers there if you like. Imagine saying yeah it’s a fantasy mammoth thing that some random dude in Australia painted for me Hahahaha I’ve had random-er convos than that but it’s up there.

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      1. I have been an absolute bum on the blog front. Trying to remedy that. Still been hobbying and I’ve got a bunch of new models I need to get posted.

        Definitely need to make up my mind. Torn between a daemon prince and dreadnought. Maybe a land raider. Gah! So many choices.

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