The Warmongers Necromunda Reinforcements which is all part of the broader plan.

Haha wow what a title!! Haha.

There’s actually a few things to discuss in this post but there are pictures too. I try not to waffle on too much or make my posts too wordy but, ironically, I do like to write and besides it’s my blog so shut your pie holes.

Firstly, let me tell you a little about Finem Mortourum.

What the CRAP is that? I hear you bellow in a Viking type voice, hey it’s my imagination Mkaaayyy…

Finem Mortourum

planet-sci-fi-gray-black (1)

Finem Mortourum is a lost planet. It’s not on any chart or historical scrolls you’ll find but it is inhabited.

All manner of unholy, holy, pure, evil, monstrous, militant, bionic, undead things live on Finem Mortourum. How they got there is unclear.

The World is twelve times the size of our home planet (wherever that may be for you) and has a similar eco system albeit a lot more GRIMM.

Look basically guys I needed one planet where all my own weird and wonderful creations could reside haha. It’s a work in progress but pretty much every army and/or model I’ve ever posted on this blog shares a small section of this planet I’ve invented. Mind Blown Yeah? Haha well maybe not quite but look it works for my mind to have one big place for all my miniature friends to hang out, wage war on each other and generally cause a lot of mischief.

As mentioned it’s still a work in progress of which I hope to have a lot more details (fluff) on over the next few years and beyond. Like any good world it will evolve.

So if you’re a little lost or bewildered I’ll give you some examples:

  1. My Outgard group live here and could possible be attacked by my Chaos Cultists.
  2. The Heroes of Beckenthorpe, ie The Crooked Man Saga (Which is one of the major Cities of Finem Mortourum) may go on a Pilgrimage and be ambushed by a small detachment of Tau warriors.
  3. The Chapel and Albino woods, which many of you know about, is sittuated on Finem Mortourum on the darker side of the planet where the sun rises just three weeks of the year.
  4. Theres even a vast dead ocean where you will find the Pirate Island of Saint Kristos.

Get the idea?

One of the factions on Finem Mortourum is, actually, a combination of three separate factions.

  1. The Albino Ork Blud Lettas Clan.
  2. The Blood Rain Cultists.
  3. The Techno Barbarian Korsch Klan.

I call the faction…

The Warmongers

An allegiance between Blood Rain Cultists, Techno Barbarians and Albino Ork Klan (The Blud Lettas)

The Warmongers joined forces in the fourth great civil war of Finem Mortourum.

Realising each army was too small to have any real impact on any other faction they joined forces. Needless to say the first alliance was tense because there was a long history of feuding, pillaging and killing from all three armies.

Now, nearly sixteen years later, the truce has remained solid and even though there are the occasional murders and some torturing the three clans stick together in relative peace.

Each army brings their own skills and flair to the alliance.

The Blood Rain Cultists are many in number and seem to have no fear at all. They will run head first into battle no questions asked.

The Korsch Klan (Techno Barbarians) are few in number but each warrior is so brutal and so skilled it’s like fighting ten men. They are also expert trackers and hunters.

The Albino Ork Blud Lettas are quite dim in a lot of ways but their skills with engines and mechanics is unquestionable. They can make something out of nothing even if it is weak in structure it will still pack a punch and inflict a lot of damage on the enemy. They are also fierce warriors.

The Alliance lives by three simple rules or guidelines:

1. The spoils of War are divided equally. If there is a quarrel over an item or slave the individuals in disagreement must fight to the death.

2. If no spoils are taken from battle and there is no food to be had straws are drawn to see which faction must sacrifice one of their own to be eaten.

3. If there is a disagreement under any other circumstances they must fight to the death.

The Alliance mostly dwell in the Eastern Bad Lands of Finem Mortourum but they will venture as far as the Blood Field Cities of the west.

Their impressive motorcade, made up of cars, buggys, trucks and bikes, stretches for miles when they set off on hunting/pillaging pilgrimage

Warboss GoreMukk is the leader of the Blud Lettas

General Volke is the leader of the Blood Rain Cultists

WarLord Ox Lawder is the leader of the Korsch Klan (Techno Barbarians)

Now, I recently acquired some Goliaths from the brand new Necromunda range and WOW these models are so cool. I decided, as I will never play the game, to absorb them into my Warmongers Faction. I feel they lean more towards the look and feel of Techno Barbarians.

Here is what I’ve made thus far…


I’m very pleased with the Biker and have to make mention that I was heavily inspired by this post from Kristian over at Secrets of the Void –






The arms were a bastard to get right and I used the dark angels bike handle bars instead of the Ork one due to distance. I didn’t adjust the legs so he looks a bit rigid but, generally, I’m quite pleased with how he turned out. Two more Necro Bikers to come. Great Head/Mask.

Some of you may have seen the post I did yesterday about the Beastclaw. Well the head for the dead body that is hanging was too cool and unique to use for a cadaver so I used him on this guy below instead.


I love this guy.


He’s standing on some old weights for a kitchen scale. They llok a bit like Pork Pies in B&W. Mmm Pork Pies. They’re not the same here as in the U.K. I left England when I was 7 but STILL remember how glorious a Pork Pie was. Drool.


This next guy, as you can see, is weilding a large hammer weapon. In the Goliath kit this hammer is stuck to an arm intended to look like it’s leaning against a shoulder. However the weapon is far too cool not to be held like the holder is going to do some serious damage with it so…


I stayed with the Goliath Mohawk look but went with a Space Wolf Mohawk head. Works for me.


After seeing some preview images of Necromunda Orlocks coming early 2018 I was inspired to give one of my dudes a big gun.



The right shoulder had a huge gap due to the angle of the arm so I used an Ork armour plate as well as a weird bird skull to hide the gap. Looks a bit chunky but passable.


This next chap is very Techo Barbarian. His neck looks a little elongated but I think that adds to his maniacal vibe hehe.



Here comes the savage.


I love this guy. He really isn’t Necro at all haha he looks Freakin Mean Man!! Like some kind of Grim Dark Gladiator or Pit Fighter.



The next two are straight up, as instructed, Goliaths which are just so damn super cool.



That’s a total of eight so expect twelve more including two more bikers.

If anyone has of these and wants to sell it or if they know where I can get one cheaper than what FW sell it for please let me know. Cheers.


Thanks for reading my good people.

Be good to your concubines and remember if it’s raining upside down you might be doing a hand-stand.

I bet that’s got ya thinking aye?



53 thoughts on “The Warmongers Necromunda Reinforcements which is all part of the broader plan.”

  1. Bloody hell, mate! You’ve been busy. The biker dude is excellent, great pose. He’s bad-ass to the max. The savage my favorite of the lot, in all his simplicity. I Think you might have to do some more work on the one with the neck. Some mutation or something to signal that something is going on here. First thing that came to mind was – what if a score of tentacles shot out of his neck? If you got any lash whips they’d work.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe. Ive written so many stories over the years but despite my confidence in lots of ways and with lots of things (not arrogance mind you) I don’t feel confident with my story writing. I never did too well at school but loved creative writing. At school I was the kid hanging from the rafters to impress the girls or sticking metal objects into wall sockets to see what would happen haha. More than sitting at the front and learning. Maybe one day I could write something and you could edit/correct it haha. You and our mutual friend Miss Moth. Then when it becomes a best seller you guys can have like 5% commission hahaa. Nah just jokes. Have you ever written anything? I can imagine you to be quite wordy, of your posts are anything to go by you have a knack. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hey, it never hurts to try! (And Moth and I would totally read/edit it.) I did once upon a time come up with about 3 book ideas and actually started working on one. However, I lost my juice when my grandpa passed away. (He would not be pleased that I quit.) Since then I’ve had a really hard time getting back into it. =/ (Now Moth is an EXCELLENT writer!)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Sorry to hear about your Grandpa. You were obviously close. I still miss my Grandad and the last time I saw him I was 7. He was a great man. He’d been a get away driver when he was in his late teens. Did time in Darkmoore prison (creepy place) and busted my Nan out of a home where she was being held against her wil because she’d had a baby at the age of 15. The baby was taken away from her and she was locked up for it. Crazy times. I hope you start writing the books again. How proud would your Grandpa be if you did 😊. Miss Moth needs to publish a book too!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Your grandpa sounds like a total bad ass! My grandpa was pretty calm and laid back. He and my grandmother fostered my love of reading. One of my favorite stories though is how excited he was to tell me about when some Jehovah witnesses stopped at his house. They asked HIM what HE could tell THEM about the bible. His response? “It’s a remarkable work of fiction.” (Sorry if you’re religious but we’re atheist.) They did not know how to respond to that lmao. Maybe one day I’ll write again. One problem is I don’t like the story that I was working on and coming up with a new one is hard.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ahaha. Great answer to the Jeho’s. When they knocked on our door as a kid and would beam “good morning” my dad would beamingly reply back “goodbye” and slam the door hahaha. Well I don’t think you can force yourself to be creative but I’m absolutely certain you’ve got a book in you. When I write songs I often have no idea what it’s going to be about until I put pen to paper or pick up the guitar. Maybe just put pen to paper and see hat happens.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The models are looking great – lots of character and I don’t think I can pick a favorite! Love that you’ve put all your creations into one (insane) world. Excited to see more about it and more about these guys!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. All sounding and looking good! If I’ve interpreted everything correctly, Finem Mortourum is a bit like our planet but everyone’s much better behaved and there’re no Starbucks! Can’t wait to see some of this lot painted!
    P.S. pork pies still great in the UK (burp)!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly John. There was a Starbucks but it went to war with that other powerful faction called McCafe and was obliterated… or should I say percolated. Please send me as many pork pies as possible. 11 Glutton St Finem Mortourum. Cheers.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice pictures. Also, I think you’d need a planet twelve times the size of our home planet(s) (“wherever that may be”) with all of those factions and everything that is going on. They’ll be buying carbon off-set credits until the cows come home!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Love that bike- great work on the pose.

    If I thought it would arrive in an edible condition and get through your customs I’d send you a pork pie. There is a farm shop that does really nice ones where I used to live….



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks. Not at all but then again he’s not sitting perfectly. The Goliath legs are spread wide much like the old scale SM’s. In retrospect I think I could have made a few key cuts to adjust the legs but I think it’s passable as is.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Great builds here mate. The New Goliaths are so, SO much better than the originals who tended to look like fat mohawked babies too often with only a few exceptions. I love what you’ve done with them here, especially the bikers.

    Liked by 1 person

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