Non hobby related post 400635.2

I’m bored waiting for the kids to finish school so I thought I’d do a non hobby related post. I do these from time to time. It takes me back to MySpace days haha. Whatever happened to MySpace? Facebook happened I guess. I was on FB for a while but was forever in trouble haha. I’m not what you’d call politically correct so whatevs!

Ive reached a point now where I’ve lost count of how many tattoos I have. I think it’s thirty now at least. My most recent one is this one.


It’s my second hand tattoo. The first was a swallow you can just see on the same hand.

When I got the swallow tattoo I had to sign something saying I understand that it’s a hand tattoo. Derrr.

Tattoos are more accepted than ever before but I think it’s still going to be a while before neck and hand and face tattoos are completely accepted. I always tell people who object to tattoos that the only difference between us is that I don’t judge them for NOT having tattoos. Then I tell them to suck my balls haha. Nah.

People look at my tattoos all the time. Some with curiosity in their eyes and others with, what looks like disdain. I don’t offend easy and I’ve never been bothered by what people think of me. I must say though I do get a kick out of teaching people a lesson. They judge me by the way I look. I’m 6ft 2″ big, solid, shaved head and tattooed haha. Then we get chatting and they realise I’m quite a lovely fellow haha.

Once I was managing a showroom and a little old lady came in, looked at me and walked straight back out haha. She came in again later and I could tell she was a little concerned by me. Anyway I did my spiel sold her some stuff and at the end she apologised and said she had judged me and shouldn’t have. She said she was 80 something and had been taught a very valuable lesson. We dated for a while but it really felt like old age was creeping up on me haha. All true apart from the dating thing I swear!

All my tattoos either have meaning or tell a story. This is just my personal approach. I can totally understand why someone would just get a cool tattoo because it looks good.

I love everything about tattoos.

I love the art

The skill

The process of choosing and/or designing

The actual pain too. I know that sounds a bit sadistic and I promise I don’t have any bodies buried under my house but I don’t know it’s kind of a rush. My pain threshold has always been pretty good. I’ve had a few stoushes (in a different life) haha and the only way to learn how to fight is to cop a hiding or two haha.

My Mum is worried I’ll be completely covered in Tatts one day and I’ve had to promise her I’ll never get a face tattoo which I wouldn’t anyway. I’m also not a big fan of the solid sleeves. I prefer to see be such piece and have it framed by the skin if that makes sense? 😉

Have you got tattoos? I’d love to hear about yours.

Add me on MySpace guys haha.

Remember “Tom” on MySpace? He was always your first friend. I wonder where Tom is now? Probably homeless and bankrupt and planning revenge inn FB and Twitter. Haha




25 thoughts on “Non hobby related post 400635.2”

  1. Quite a philosophical read, enjoyed it! Being boring and dull I don’t have any tattoos (apart from the remains of those rub-down ones I had as a kid and have never washed off), but then again it’s only recently I’ve discovered that Nurgle is an all-powerful entity rather than a noise you make when you’ve got a nasty cold! No hope for me!
    But I expect to see tattoos on your minis from now on!

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  2. Ive always wanted to get a tatoo, ive gone for a test to see if my skin could handle one, but it turns out I am alergic to ink, even from a normal pen wtf??! I’m always curious when i see people with tatoos, like i want to see the whole picture, hear the story behind it, but in most cases it’d be inapropriate cuase there are always other people around that got the “how can you talk to these people” look.

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  3. My love to tell people who are dicks to, “Suck a fart out of my ass.” They really get horrified and it makes me incredibly happy. I have 7 tattoos. 5 of which need to be redone lol. I made some hasty decisions when I was younger. I think all can easily be fixed, I just have to actually go get that done. Love the skull!

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    1. Ahahaha. With your accent I can imagine how your fart statement sounds. Brilliant! I’d have it as a ringtone. Record it and post it on your blog Pleeeeeaaaaassseee!!!! Haha. “Find the right artist and they can fix anything.” Joan Collins – Haha nah just jokes I just made it up but it sounds like a quote. It’s true though too I reckon.

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      1. I almost made my coworker pee her pants with that one. Then she used it on her boyfriend and he was appalled and told her she was fucking disgusting lmao. My husband is not so surprised by the things that come out of my mouth though. We have competitions of who can say the most offensive thing. I usually win.
        Are American accents funny? I don’t know because that’s all I hear 99% of the time lmao.

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  4. No tattoos but scaffolding, a ring and a stretched hole in an ear, nipples pierced 3 times over the years. Had an eyebrow ring too but tore when I was in a fight so started to grow out the scar from it is covered by my eyebrows.



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    1. Cool man. I had an eyebrow ring too but it started to grow out but then I couldn’t open it to remove it. SO, I did what any sane person would do and got a razor and sliced open the skin to remove it haha. I still have the scar. I love a bit of home surgery but wouldn’t recommend it. I once found a lump about the size of a ball bearing under my skin on my calf muscle. I grabbed a scalpel and sliced open the skin and squeezed out the ball. It was white and so hard it wouldn’t squash or crack under a hammer. Yes I tried haha. I should have kept it. Weird.

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      1. I did a typical British gap year, started in Sydney, went along the south coast, Melbourne, Adelaide (and a funny town called Mildura), up through the middle, climbing the rock etc, up to Cairn and the down the coast. Loved it.

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  5. Wouldn’t masochism (not sadism) be the enjoyment of pain? Unless you enjoy inflicting it too? No tattoos myself but I think I did have a mySpace account that I never used after initially creating it! I now have FaceBook but mainly for toy soldiers!

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  6. Nice post. 🙂 I really like the skull tattoo. People can be total judgemental dicks, so I’m glad you just brush it off. People are definitely getting more open-minded about tattoos, hair colors, and piercings, but it’s still annoying how much of an issue it is for so many people. It’s like, who cares? 😛
    I love tattoos but I sadly hate needles. 😛 I always hear how they don’t hurt “that bad”, but so far haven’t been brave enough to go under the needle myself to get any tattoos. Maybe one day. 🙂
    I’ve designed a few tattoos for people, including one for Cupcakes & Machetes, though. Especially back in those good ol’ Myspace days you mentioned. Haha Seems like a lifetime ago. I used to sell art commissions regularly through Myspace, so I actually miss that site quite a bit. 😛

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