Last of the Necromunda/Techno Barbarian bikers for my Warmongers Army.

Haha another Loooong title.

Thank you for the positive response to the Necro Biker I posted up the other day. It’s received the most likes on Instagram too. I wasn’t sure about Instagram at first but it’s a big bloody community. I still prefer WordPress as it feels more intimate and I feel closer to you lot awwwww… Haha.

I made another two bikers last night.

The first one reminds me of this…


It’s quite overloaded with bits and bobs but I think it looks kind of cool that way.


This time I stayed with the Ork Biker legs.



The rider reminds me of this guy…


Note the dagger on the forks.




Not sure if I should hollow out that round circle dead centre of the back of the bike or add something to it? Any suggestions?


Note the rifle on the forks.


The next one is more ramshackle which works with the Mad Max/Ork/Techno Barbarian/Cultist vibe I’m going for haha. I’ll be attempting some freehand on the broken shield.


He’s more basic and lightweight for fast attacks.

The pillion is VERY basic but it’s almost chariot-ish so, in my mind at least, quite cool.


The axe weilding maniac riding pillion was from another army (That’s why he’s base coated) in the works but I thought he suited this piece and army more. I imagine him swinging his axe in large sweeping arcs lopping off heads and limbs as the pair speed, wildly, across the battle plains. In retrospect I should have added the stack of spears to this bike instead of the former because the rider of this one clearly likes to hurl them at the enemy. I might hang or add some more skulls around the base of the pillion.


Need to scrape off some more damn mould lines.



I wasn’t sure if I like this Bike much but the more I look at the pix the more I do. I like that it’s really, literally, slapped together.


Now for some group shots.

The fourth bike, you might remember but probably not haha, was from my first post about Techno Barbarians a while back. He’s the Sergeant at arms of the little biker group. Paint was added to him but only as trial colours.


I think they’re a good blend of odds and ends but still work well as a group.



Realisticly we wont see any paint on these until 2018 as all the painting I’ll be doing will be on my Beastclaw for Azazels “Painting Decemb-uary”. I will, however, be making more troops and some vehicles for The Warmongers over the last month of 2017.

Wow this year has absolutely flown by.

When I turned twenty one (Roughly about 326 years ago) my Dad said, that’s it now son, time will fly by. He wasn’t wrong, he never is but he can’t say the word “SQUIRREL” so I have that up on him.

Stay WET when it’s raining.


25 thoughts on “Last of the Necromunda/Techno Barbarian bikers for my Warmongers Army.”

  1. Loving these – just brilliant! Definitely think the flat circle on the tail of the first bike needs something more – I’m in full agreement that it should be turned into a rocket of some kind. Love the maniac on the sidecar. Keep ’em coming!

    Think you told me once that you’re not on facepuke (in which case you’re a wise man) but thought you’d want to know someone posted a link to the first goliath biker from your instagram (crediting yourself) in one of the necromunda groups and it’s been rather popular so far (far more than anything I ever post dammit! 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They definitely look like trouble! Nice work. 😀
    This year really did go by fast. My parents always told me the same thing. My mom says every year feels like it goes by quicker and quicker and she wasn’t wrong.

    Liked by 1 person

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