I’ve just found a Robogear toy/model/car for my Warmongers Army. Very Mad Max so it should work a treat. Didn’t know much about Robogear before but they have some great vehicles and terrain which will work very well for my Mad Max themed army.

Heres what I bought for an absolute bargain on ebay.

I’ll be fitting it with a Goliath driver.


I didn’t paint this.


Scale looks passable.

The wheels look a little Lego-ish but I think some Agrellan Mud or sandy PVA might fix that.

I also might try and mount the canon on the back or an Ork Big Shoota. Then I can have two Goliaths in it. We’ll see. It’s coming all the way from Moscow so not sure when it’ll be here. Hopefully before the year is out.




19 thoughts on “Robogear”

  1. Hi Rebel
    Sometime ago I did a 40k Catachan and a Space Marine road construction crews. I will post with some pics when I get home tonight. They may give you some inspiration. I just converted some toys and old GW vehicles and added other toy truck bits and pieces. I still have the Catachans but have since sold the Space Marines


      1. Ohh that’s a nice Bit BUT it’s the same price as the car itself haha. It’s still good value but because the whole thing is cheap I’m kinda keen to stay thrifty with this one. Might make up for alllllllll the money I’ve spent this year haha.

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  2. Yeah, I would definitely agree about the Lego-like wheels, but that’s awesome that you already have ideas on how to make them better. πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to seeing you work your magic on this!

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  3. I really like the Robogear models for conversions, all my Castellax got new legs from the Robogear Spider kit. πŸ˜€
    Unfortunately Tehnolog (the manufacturer) went out of business in 2015, but at least you still get a lot of the kits from Russian shops like

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