Painting Decemb-uary WIP 2


The other day I put up a post in regards to Azazels Painting challenge or fun thing to do… Basically painting a large model during December and January.

Ive gone for a big BeastClaw monster mammoth thing. It’s pretty bloody cool.

Kind of daunting at first, to be honest, but I’m really enjoying the painting.

I don’t want to seampnyou with heaps of pix until the final finished piece so I’ll just show you the face for now.


You can’t really see the eyes but they’re cool. I went with yellow. The fur has been interesting to paint. Bit of dry brushing and a lot of individual strands of hair painting haha.

Lots of nice details on this model. I’m trying to push my own comfort zones with painting this model as I really want it to earn the title “Centrepiece”.

Im not a naturally talented painter unlike you lot but I’ve been practicing.

I won’t over do it with WIP posts on this one I promise haha.


24 thoughts on “Painting Decemb-uary WIP 2”

  1. Very cool mate, this is going to be awesome, and hey – don’t talk yourself down as a painter! You definitely have talent, not to mention energy to spare – keep on pushing πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thanks Alex. I just don’t think I have any natural skills hehe. Converting I think I have a bit of a knack for but painting doesn’t come easy. I enjoy it more than ever before but I think the likes of you Azazel, Tommy, Wudugast, imperfectmodeller, heretic30, and many others are all bloody brilliant painters! You lot inspire me to push myself.

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      1. Yayyyyy! I’m looking forward to it. I’m not sure if many have joined in but I’m loving it. I like just chipping away at it here and there. My family thinks I’m nuts but they thought that before too haha

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  2. Looking good so far mate. Not sure any of us are naturally talented painters (I’m certainly not) – the trick is to keep practicing and pushing yourself. You’re definitely pushing yourself here and the extra effort you’ve put in is already paying dividends – keep at it! πŸ˜€

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