Painting Decemb-uary WIP 3.

AAaaaahhhhhhhhhhh… etc etc.

Have you ever had your towel ripped off you in the bathroom by a rabid dog in front of a Cathedral full of devout Christians? NO????

WELL let me tell ya… Me neither but I can imagine it’s a very similar feeling to exposing your hobby paint work before completion. I have done lot’s of WIP’s in the past when it comes to conversions but not with painting. I have to say it’s a little unnerving.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I don’t really rate myself too high when it comes to painting. I think I’ve got better but still have a long way to go which is, actually, part of the fun. Usually I’m farely cocksure, haha funny word, but showing you lot my paint work before completion has me in a bit of a bind haha.

I’ve never backed down from a challenge though and when something is scary I grow a pair and just get it done. Anyone not in the same boat is probably thinking “Yep, pretty scary man, you’re showing some hobby nerds a partly painted plastic toy.” Hahahahaha.


Ok ready… hold my hand…


Still LOTs to do. More detailing on the face, that big skull earing. The crossbow doesn’t even have an arrow or bolt and more painting on the weapon needs to be done too.

Thank Yoda that the UARY section in the challenge is there because there is no way in Sweet Lucifers Name that I’d get this big bastard completed.

I am really happy with the Beasties horns, teeth and face in general.


I’m happy with the legs and fur but thos raw looking patches don’t look quite right. Not sure how to improve them and I am open to suggestions. They do look better in person compared to the pix though. Maybe I’m being too critical, I dunno I just work here.

The hanging dead body has only been base coated. I’m thinking of painting him in the same colours as my Emperors Light Army. Only trouble is the colour scheme for that particular project hasn’t eventuated as yet haha.

He actually had a base but I dropped the whole model last night while sipping my beer (8th) haha and it busted off. After a small heart attack I picked up the model to see that no other damage had occured. note to self don’t be semi drunk while painting my toys.


I’ll be doing more skin tone and muscle definition on the big brute. I think some highlighting on the leather straps too.

So much more to do.

Oh and I did some freehand. I’m very much a novice to freehand stuff but was quite pleased with my efforts here.


I hope you can tell what it is haha. ??

I have a large Chaos/BloodReaver force this model will be abosrbed in to.

Thanks for viewing, reading and, yeah, I’m open to any advice or critique.

Cheers Big Ears.






27 thoughts on “Painting Decemb-uary WIP 3.”

  1. Shaping up nicely dude, and I really don’t know why you are so down on your painting – this is already high table-top standard, and is only going to look better and better. Just an idea for those raw patches – have you got any blood for the blood god technical paint? A thin dab of that does wonders for red raw areas πŸ˜‰

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  2. Well, it’s looking way better so far than the finished stuff I turn out! I can send you several hundred figures to practice on if you like, just send them back as you finish them so I can judge the finish! And yes, you are being way too critical on yourself! Nice mini!

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  3. I too hate showing half-painted models so I totally understand your worries. That said there’s really nothing to be concerned about here, your painting is great, especially when you take the time and give yourself a push. Keep up the good work on this bad boy!

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  4. This is seriously fantastic! It looks great so far. I’m really digging it. πŸ™‚ Nice job with the bloody hand print, btw, you can totally tell what it is, so no worries! πŸ˜›
    I know exactly what you mean about the showing of WIP stuff and how utterly horrifying it can be, as we’ve talked about recently. It’s looking awesome though, so I can’t wait to see how badass it will look once you’ve completed it.

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  5. This guy looks great so far. I’m also bothered by those bare patches on the model itself. I’ve got one of these that never made it all the way through assembly. I was thinking of sculpting fur to cover those areas, though you’ve already painted them, so perhaps that’s not the right answer for your beast here. ..

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