A great new blog

A great man once said to me, “Do as I say not as I do.”

I always promised myself I would never utter those words to my kids as it drove me nuts. Now as a father of three girls I say those eight special words on a regular basis!

My Dad is one of my, three, heroes.

He’s a man I look up to, admire and respect. He taught me all the standard things like how to ride a bike, kick a ball etc but, most importantly, he taught me how to be a man, a gentleman.

He also made me help him out in the garden which I always enjoyed and now have my own business gardening and landscaping.

A little while ago he and Mum came to stay with us and I showed him my blog, my little corner of the web. I told him that what I enjoy most is the sense of community. The sharing of ideas, projects, highs and lows. He was impressed.

I suggested he start his own page.

He used to be a Rock N Roll DJ on community radio and gained quite a following, some of who became great friends of his. So I thought having a blog would give him a similar sense of sharing something he enjoyed.

He started his gardening blog and, even though I’m bias, it’s really cool. The thing I like about it most is the flow of the writing. When I was a kid he used to write stories and I’ve always wanted him to write more now here he is.

I know we are all hobby geeks but if you’re interested in gardening and growing things take a look. Or you might just be nosey and that’s fine too. He’s only just started so help spread the word.

Thanks gang



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19 thoughts on “A great new blog”

  1. I’m inspired to say so much on this post that I don’t no where to start. A part of me wants to quote Heath Ledger’ s Joker “why so serious?” whilst another part of me is drawn to Saving Private Ryan and who would have guessed the Tom Hanks charachter was a teacher. Given the nature of some of your modelling work I had you down as either a surgeon or a serial killer but being a landscape gardener explains your immense creativity. Like you I love my little blog world, my modelling too but am growing fond of these little intemate revelations which highlight the personality behind the blogger. Great stuff IRO. Hope you and yours had a great Christmas. TIM

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  2. Very cool of you to put this together and help inspire your dad to do some blogging. My dad is a very keen gardener as well as was my mum so I can appreciate what goes into what he does as I grew up around it. I’m a bit rubbish at Old gardening thing myself but hey we can’t all be experts at everything. You running your own business as a landscape gardener helps other things to make sense as well. Since you post at all kinds of odd hours and reply at the same. Anyway well done to you and more importantly, well done to him!

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  3. That’s so great you encouraged your dad to start a blog! I love gardening, so I’ll head over to your dad’s blog and follow. Thanks again for visiting mine, it’s nice to connect with you! Take care, Jenny

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