We were soldiers and now we are Scavvies.

I must admit I’ve only been learning about the gangs of the undehive over the last six months or so. Therefore my knowledge breakfast bowl isn’t filled that much with Rice Bubbles at the moment. If you follow me?

I’ve had a great day today. Went and saw an amazing Skulls exhibition with the family, more on that in another post. Then we had a picnic with egg rolls, chocolate wagon wheels (They were actually called Cart wheels) and orange slices. After that we went to a large trash and treasure market. I bought a model ship. The kids bought jewellelry, sunglasses and a red campervan toy.

The family have gone out to see Pitch Perfect 3 (YAWN) at the drive in which gave me some, unexpected, free time for my hobby. To be honest I have not had a good nights sleep since Sunday night so I was tempted to watch WestWorld and then go to bed BUT my hobby corner beckoned to me like some mountain of salted caramel chocolate creature that whispered “Eat me, I’m free.”

So I withdrew my short sword (Exacto Hobby Knife) and got to work.

I had a go at some Scavvies a while back, see here –Β https://imperialrebelork.wordpress.com/2017/09/05/scavvies-maybe/

BUTT didn’t quite nail it. However I did like the main guy and even though he probably doesn’t ooze Scavvie goodness/badness I like him a lot so I’m keeping him as some kind of God-Like Scavvie Leader nutcase. I also kept some of the other minis but tweaked them a bit and also gave them a back story which makes their overall aesthetic make sense. Even if it just makes sense to me haha.

“We were soldiers once and now we are something more!” Noctus Krane called from his alter of acid decayed bones, twisted, rusted metal and bubbling pink and white foul smelling toxic gunk

His loyal band of twisted mutant followers roared their appreciation.

“YES we eek out an existance here deep below the hive. Reduced to salvaging what we can from the waste of all other living things. Yes we are diseased, polluted and rotting from the inside out but hear this, my friends… All this makes us stronger.Β Do you see? We care not for life. We care not for the pretty things our clean brothers above care for. We have no love in our blackened hearts. BUT… what we do have is drive and determination. We have ambition and courage. By my hand we will rise my brothers. Bit by bit and day by day. For as long as it takes we will chip away at the light until it is as dark as our beloved UNDERHIIIIVE!!!”

Another mighty roar went up echoing through the low stinking levels of the hive.

The Beggar King Noctus Krane:


The whisperer of secrets:





This next chap is a mix of mutated flesh and infused metal.






I melted this next blokes face a bit then picked at it with the scalpel to give him a mutated appearance. I also gave him a bit of a haircut.


I’m enjoying weapon conversions more and more. Bloody fiddly but fun.




Not a very Scavvie looking head below but I figure the lunatic beneath it uses the Necron head as a mask to hide his shame. Works for me.




I love his melee weapon.


This last one makes me laugh. He looks so HAPPY hahaha. What an absolute joy it must be to look like him. He looks like he’s giggling and muttering “Yay the Master has given me not one but two melee weapons.”


That is it for the Scavvies. I wont be adding anymore unless GW release Scavvies then, who know, I just might.

I also put together this clapped up old looted WW1 Whippet Tank for my German Ork Army The Storenfried. All I kept hearing in my head while building this vehicle was that song by DEVO that goes.. “I say whip it… Whip it good.” Hahahaha.






The Broccoli says… I really look like a small tree.

The Mushroom says… I think I look a bit like an umbrella.

The Walnut says… I reckon I look like a human brain.

The Banana says… Screw you guys lets play something else.








18 thoughts on “We were soldiers and now we are Scavvies.”

      1. Well, it seems a good vehicle to get some boyz and such stuck in without being tempted to slow down for non-essentials like shooting at things.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. “The family have gone out to see Pitch Perfect 3 (YAWN) … which gave me some, unexpected, free time for my hobby.”

    Exact same thing happened to me!

    The Whisperer of Secrets creeps me out. That pimped up Whippet looks great.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice work once again, though they feel a little more new-school nurgley than scavvie. It’s the branches/spikes/horns, really. Loving that Whippet – I might have to look out for one of those for my own Boyz – make and model please?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your guys’ family outing sounds like so much fun. Can’t wait to read more about that skull exhibit you mentioned. πŸ˜€
    Check out all that mutated goodness! Haha Somehow your posts always seem to make me type things I didn’t expect to find myself typing out that day. πŸ˜› I like the branchy horn kind of things coming off some of their backs. It’s a pretty cool aesthetic. I also love the guy with the big creepy grin. He really does look happy. A demented happy, but happy none the less. πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

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