Purge Cardinals Part 8.

Today/yesterday was hot! I like the heat but at 42 degrees I’m happy to stay indoors and cut up little plastic men.

I haven’t done anything with my Purge Cardinals Space Marine Army since September last year.

Theres no rush on this project.

Back then I showed you a couple of tall (Primaris) dudes who found their way into the army.

Todays post is going back to the “old school” looking Space marines. I really dig them.

I made Nine troops today.

Even though they’re a bit more standard I try not to repeat any pose. I can’t stand static poses! Growl!!!

I hope you like them.


This last Marine is holding a grenade in his left hand if you look closely.


Not sure about colour scheme now. I was going to go with a sort of dirty turquoise but now I’m thinking white. Any thoughts?

Cheers gang



23 thoughts on “Purge Cardinals Part 8.”

    1. Haha yep I don’t miss England’s weather AT all. Funny story about pink. My brother in law and I were lining up to get into a club one one night and a dude in front of us was wearing a pink shirt. My bro in law, being a somewhat antagonistic fella, I asked the dude “why are you wearing a pink shirt mate?” The dude replied “it’s not pink it’s salmon!” At which point the whole Que burst into laughter hahahahaha.

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    1. Thanks man. All I can say, in regards to paint, is that I am to have paint on them this year. Do you think white would look cool. Or maybe even black and white ala black Templars. I just think there’s something a bit more ummm “Royal” or something with these guys.


  1. 42. That’s way beyond my comfort zone. I prefer something like 28 when it’s warm but you can still dress and behave like a grown up. πŸ˜‚

    MkIII Armour is so cool. Coolest mark of all, no doubt.

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  2. Very cool mate, I have no suggestions on colour though, all the good colours are bagged really! How about Khaki? Or Brown? No one ever does brown marines!

    Oh, and bugger that heat for a game of soldiers – I’d be in a cold bath for the day.

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  3. Good old Iron Armour – the best looking Mk by far. Shame GW haven’t released truescale Iron Armour yet although hopefully the day will come. As for painting why not white with a few turquoise panels? Can’t think of an official chapter with that scheme but it would work nicely together. The turquoise would give it a nice splash of brightness and colour whilst the white would give you room to get some gritty weathering and staining in.

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  4. It’s so nice having indoor hobbies for days when it’s either too hot, too cold, etc. out. πŸ™‚ Much better than going out and roasting in that hot weather you guys have over there or freezing in our current winter wasteland over here. πŸ˜›
    Nice looking bunch here!

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    1. Cheers love. As much as I love long lazy days in the house I love the outdoors. I’m very fortunate in the fact that I work outside. I’ll work in extreme heat, cold or rain. It doesn’t bother me in fact I like the challenge of it. I’ve had days where I am literally drenched in sweat and other days where I am soaked to the bone from rain haha.

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      1. I wish I was like that. I’m such a baby about the weather. I have total Goldilocks syndrome where I’m just not having it if it’s “too hot” or “too cold” outside. It’s gotta be just right, pretty much. I actually really enjoy grey gloomy days where it’s a little cool, but not too cold. Must be one of the reasons I like fall so much. πŸ™‚

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