12 thoughts on “Purge Cardinals Part 11.”

  1. I love it when you look at an Imperial figure and think “those really aren’t the good guys are they?” You’ve nailed that vibe here – he’s clearly Imperial yet at the same time he’s a real brute. There’s nothing heroic here, nothing subtle, just the raw thuggish power that’s kept humanity afloat amongst the stars for over ten millennia. He looks like the sort of chap any Inquisitor would be proud to unleash on an unsuspecting heretic.

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    1. Hehe cheers man. I wanted him to look F-ing mean but loyal-ish at the same time. There’s something about his mid section I’m not 100% happy with. I think he looks a bit skinny around the hips or something but I can live with it.

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      1. I actually rather like his skinny hips, it makes him look a little more rough and ready as though he’s been built somewhat on the fly, or more likely that this is an ancient and holy machine which has been being maintained for a very long time. If I were to change anything about him it would be the “nipples” at the sides where the guns should anchor – even if it’s just a case of scraping them off and sticking a purity seal or two to hide them. But whatever you decide to do – keep the skinny hips! 😀

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