Count Vilhelm Von Ernst’s Green Dragoons

Back in October 2017, boy that seems a long time ago now, I made and painted a Colonel and a Captain for a Mechanized Army I was working on. Well………… that whole army, apart from the two commanders, was wiped out and they were reassigned to the 701st Royal BannaRoff Mobile Infantry Regiment. More on that whole army another day.

Today I’d like to share, firstly, a time line and then some pictures 😊

1979 – Luke was born

1982 – Luke starts playing with cowboys and Indians toys

1983 – Luke starts playing with Toy soldiers

1989 – Luke reads books about soldiers/wars/wargaming

1992 – Luke discovers warhammer

2015 – IRO is born

2018 – IRO is still fascinated by war/soldiers/warhaming and is still playing with toy soldiers

I recently made and painted some Spartan warriors made from Kairic bodies which were well received both here and on Instagram. This has spurred me on to build and paint more historical type miniatures albeit in my own unique way of course.

Count Vilhelm Von Ernst’s Green Dragoons are a light cavalry unit of the 701st Royal BannaRoff Mobile Infantry.

Dragoons, for this of you that don’t know, are basically infantry on horseback. Light cavalry to be precise. Fast, mobile, well trained and deadly. Just like me haha. Well as gardener/landscaper anyway. Deadly if you’re a weed.

There will be 8 miniatures in total including Ernst himself and two Lancers. Only Ernst will have a subtle indication that they are 40k-ish. The rest will be more traditional.

Tonight I have for you the two Veterans of the unit.

Captain Atticus Dampier


He was the first I painted and I’ve got to say I struggled with the horse. I did get better with the second mini so hopefully by the 8th it’ll be a beaut!


Apologies the pictures are a bit dark. I was going for atmosphere a bit too much me thinks.

Sergeant Louis De Bergen


I haven’t quite finished basing them yet. I found them quite tricky as there is a fair bit of detail but I’m satisfied with the end result.

I think they’ll look quite impressive charging into the Frey swinging their swords (note: I was going to try and find sabres but grew to impatient, tested straight swords and was happy).

I really like the green which, if I’m not mistaken, is the colour the Prussian Dragoons wore. The gold helmets also tick the box for me.

So watch this space for the other six Green Dragoons.

Be good to yourselves and remember, ants are people too.


33 thoughts on “Count Vilhelm Von Ernst’s Green Dragoons”

      1. I never use the gloss but I can see why you would on the sci-fi gear. I’m not sure why I wasn’t too pleased with them but via the comments I’m starting to see them through a new light. I think I’m too hard on myself some times. My own worse critic. Which is not necessarily a bad thing I guess. Are you going to be doing some horses mate?

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Well, I’ve got two points to raise:
    1) I’ve hated painting horses for decades and yours are just way better than mine (that’s a compliment)!
    2) surely IRO was spawned rather than born (that’s also a compliment)!
    3) I’m not too good at compliments yet and I can’t count!
    Do like the minis!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. They’ve come up nicely. Horses are notoriously unpopular amongst wargamers. Well, painting them, anyway.
    I do wonder though – if there’s just a hint of 40k to them – do they even need to be “40k figures” at all, as opposed to Steampunk or Fantasy?

    Liked by 2 people

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