A new Sky Pirate Captain.

Good day fine people.

A while ago I introduced you to a project called SkyLander Pirates. Unfortunately the SkyLanders name was taken by some pathetic game. I am yet to come up with a new name but what I have done is made a new Captain. The last one was a bit more Mage-ish as opposed to Pirate-ish.

I’m stoked with the new guy. He’s even got a patch and a bird mascot dammit!!!!





25 thoughts on “A new Sky Pirate Captain.”

  1. Arrr… I was tempted to say “now you’re crowing” but I won’t make such a cheep joke…

    He’s a great character.

    As to a name, “SkyLanders” could be translated roughly into German as
    “Himmelsteger” (pural)
    or alternatively

    A local dialect term could be “Gehammeld” which is a variation on “gehimmelt” of almost killed. The plural (at a push) could be “Gehämmelde”, although that may be pushing it a bit, but “Cap’n Gehammeld” has a nice ring…

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  2. Oh, this guy is just brilliant, exactly right for the job! For some reason I am reminded of the Old Jamaica chocolate TV advert in the UK from the 80s (? !) “Cadbury’s Ole Jamaykee! Don’t ee knock it all back at wunce”!
    Must have not been taking me tablets!
    Absolutely spot on pirate boss! Let’s have more like this guy!

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