A Jolly Roger Bearer

My SkyRaiders project continues. It was originally called SkyLanders then SkyPirates and now SkyRaiders thanks to this lovey lady –


The new addition today is Addler The Scourge. He’s the Jolly Roger Bearer when the ship makes land.

He was very much inspired by the Lego Pirate Dreadnought type character from the Lego Movie, which my youngest daughter and I love.

Addler The Scourge


I very nearly have him a short sword but then I realise she wouldn’t be able to hold the damn thing. He can barely handle those grenades as it is. FYI don’t stand near him when he’s fumbling the grenades.






21 thoughts on “A Jolly Roger Bearer”

  1. Most importantly he has an eye patch, gotta have an eye patch. Apparently a lot of pirates had patches so that when they were fighting they had one eye conditioned for daylight and one for the dark if the fight went below decks. Not a lot of people know that, me for one!

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  2. Woo! Go Cupcakes for coming up with a good alternative name! ❤ I like it. 🙂
    Nice job here. And "don’t stand near him when he’s fumbling the grenades" are definitely solid words of advice to live by! 😛 Especially if one hopes to keep all their current limbs.

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