A special kind of FEMbruary.

Lots to talk about in this post so I hope you can bare with me and not just skip ahead to the pictures hehe. I won’t blame you if you do though as I tend to waffle. I’ve never had waffles and would like to try them. I’ve heard they’re better than pancakes WHAT?? That’s a big call. That’s like saying Spider-Man is better than Deadpool. Surely not?

Righto hmm so where to start?

I’ll just chuck some random bullet points at you first. I dunno why it’s just what I feel like doing.

* FEMbruary challenge as put out by Sir Alex from Leadballoony.

* Ignited Moth and a book review that lit the spark of inspiration.

* Female miniatures

* A “challenging” year ahead.

* Real female heroes.

* Deadpool and Waffles

Ok now that’s out of he way let’s get a little serious. Sorta/kinda

There’s not a lot of female miniatures, well actually there are but nowhere near as many male minis. Why? My theory is that the majority of sci-fi fantasy nerdy types are male. This isn’t me making some huge sexist comment. It’s like saying makeup is enjoyed by, mostly, females.

Now on the nerdy male thing I’d say a percentage of these people are, let’s say, not overly confident with women in reality and spend a good dose of their evenings fantasising about women. The women they are exposed to are like Xena, Princess Leia and the 30ft woman. A smaller percentage of these creatures then decide to design their own miniature women and, needless to say, they end up being scantily clad, large busted, dominant warrior women. Not that there’s anything wrong with that of course but what it means is there’s not a huge range of just “normal” women minis. There are if you search hard enough though and believe me I searched and searched for this little gem.

As a lot of you know Sir Alex from leadballoony put out a FEMbruary challenge. Basically paint a non-sexualised female miniature. Awesome challenge and one I accepted with open arms.

I really enjoyed taking part in the Decembuary challenge Azazel put out there so I was up for another. I’ve never taken part in miniature or even any other on line challenges before so it’s new and fun for me.

My own personal challenge for March will be to complete my MARCH of the Flies (Nurgle) Project. Fingers crossed on that one.

Maybe we can make this the year of challenges OR a Challenging Year hehe.

If you are interested in REAL heroic women check out this post from Marvin. Bloody interesting stuff.


Before we get to pix though I want to talk about the inspiration behind this one.

Miss Ignited Moth (A great blooger I follow) did a book review a little while back about a novel called “The girl from the other side.” It’s a Manga style novel about a little girl and her Demonic Guardian. I haven’t read the book but I’d like to but the front cover captivated me. Simple and monochromatic and creepy but cool. I looked up more art/pix from the book and all gave me the same feeling.

So this piece works well because it’s inspired by the book but also by the girl (From the other side of the planet) who did the review.




So, I decided to find a mini of a little girl and build the tall dark bogey man type thing. Then I had the idea of painting them in a monochromatic “drawn” style. Does that make sense? I wanted them to look like they do on the front cover. Like pictures that have jumped off the pages.

I hope you like what I’ve done here. I’d love to hear your feedback. Good, bad whatevs.


The lantern could have done with being a little brighter.


Shes a great little sculpt and painting her was fun, quick and fairy straight forward.


The Demonic Guardian is actually a 1/35 scale body of a soldier that I cut the head off and wrapped in a green stuff cloak. He needed to be tall and the girl mini is tiny so it worked well.


The pic above is a bit blury when it comes to the girl but you can see the dark demonic guardian a little clearer.

I wanted the background or setting to be monochromatic too. In fact the only colour are the little girls cheeks and hands, the yellow in the lantern and the flesh tone on the scroll hanging on the wall.


I need a lot more practic with green stuff but I achieved what I set out to do on this model so I’m happy.


I like that the Demonic Guardian is looming in the shadowy corner. It looks ominous but hes a good guy. He’s watching her back as she trapses through the unknow.



Haha you can see a thumb print on his cloak. Whoops.





I might try and get some better pix and put them in a nother post soon.

I’m also going to TRY and do another female mini for FEMbruary but time is disappearing quickly.

I hope you like my submission.



I’m off to watch Deadpool and Eat Pancakes. I’ll try waffles another day. 


50 thoughts on “A special kind of FEMbruary.”

  1. I an at a loss of words here, mate! I think this piece is quite stunning. “Quite” as in in omg bloody hell what have you done this looks so cool. Amazing is another word you could use.

    At first I thought it was drawings from the book. And I was like, cool 40k mood in the book. But as I looked more closely it struck me, it’s an actual diorama. He must have used some clever filters here. No, of course not. Just stunningly executed.

    I’m impressed. You should be proud, mate, Both of this work and of you progression since the humble beginnings of your blogging adventures.

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    1. Aww shucks mate, you’re too kind. Really nice of you to say. I am pleased with it, of course I can see faults though hehe. Yeah looking back I can see that I have got better but still have lots to learn. Good to have you back Tommy.

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  2. Mate, where to begin? In this country (Scotland) you can just buy waffles in the shops – is it not the same in Oz? If you want real quality though get them from a street vendor in France. And yes, I’m well aware that this is easier said than done, and that it makes me sound like a food snob. As for them being better than pancakes, they’re just different. It’s like saying which is better – tomatoes or bananas? They’re both fruit but beyond that there’s not much grounds for comparison really.

    As for the female miniatures (or lack thereof) sadly there are some companies out there which genuinely believe that unless a female miniature is in her underwear it won’t sell. Sad but true. On this point I’m pleased to see GW doing their bit to prove that wrong (look no further than Alarielle for proof of how well they can pull that off). In case you didn’t see they put out a statement on this recently (via their FB group I think?) saying essentially that they are aware that there is a demand for maturely designed female miniatures and that this is something the design team is prioritising but that it takes so long to get a model through production (c.3 years as I recall) that we shouldn’t expect a change overnight.

    The whole diorama you’ve created is just excellent, absolutely charged with atmosphere. Even without reading the text I got the idea that the monster was on her side, serving as a guardian rather than about to reach out and snatch her. There’s something friendly about it which, when you look at it objectively, takes considerable skill to pull off.

    Incidentally, where is the little girl miniature from?

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      1. I’ve wondered that too (about Slaanesh) – might be why the Sisters of Battle haven’t appeared in plastic yet either. Of course imagine telling the Sisters of Battle players that. “Your new models are going to look fantastic… but they won’t be released until 2021…”. The thing is with Slaanesh that I wouldn’t mind at all if their models (male and female) were over-sexualised – it’s one of Slaanesh’s stylistic “things” after all – but if every other woman in the range is as well it loses its impact.

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    1. I’m sure you can get waffles here some where but I guess I’ve never looked. Now I’m on a mission to find them dammit. I’m not on FB I was actually kicked off years ago haha. Long story but they took what I said the wrong way and bla bla. I’m glad you dig what I’ve done with the diorama. I’m so happy with it and quite proud too actually. I still see faults and probably always will with my own work but generally I’m quite pleased. I knew someone was going to ask where I got her from and I’ve been dreading the question. I actually thought the question was going to come from Azazel though haha. As is my way I have no idea where the mini came from. I enjoy the hunt for the mini then as soon as I get it I tear open the packet and discard the packaging. Then I realise I haven’t taken any notes haha. My bad I know. I promise that I’ll make a note next time. Actually I could check my eBay history although something tells me I found her on some online shop. Sorry dude 😕 I hope we can still be friends. 😊😉

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      1. Yeah, it’s a fairly memorable mini as there aren’t too many little girl minis holding lanterns! She was featured in an OSL tutorial on Random Platypus, a forum I frequent, which helped too.

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      2. I wish I’d seen the tutorial. I searched YouTube but couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. I wanted there to be a bit of a glow from the lantern. She’s a great sculpt. Fairly simplistic but characterful.


    1. Nail on the head right there Mr Varnish. As I was so limited with colours it came down to planning and consideration. Unless I have a particular scheme in mind I usually paint my minis quite organically. No I don’t mean with manure I mean I sort of just throw some colours together and hope for the best haha. I’m god you like the post buddy. Cheers

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  3. Dude… I am in love with this piece – the composition, the minimalist palette, the inspiration – bloody brilliant mate. I want to echo what Thomas said, this is among your best work imo.

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  4. I’m really mad that you haven’t tried waffles. I don’t even….
    I love that model! I think you hit the nail on the head. I also like the focus of working on female models because now that I think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen any. I could just be not remembering it though. March is Women’s History Month and I’m thinking of throwing together some type of blog event for it, would you be interested in participating?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Well here’s what you do. Fly over here with your husband and dogs and mixing bowl and make me some damn waffles lady!!!!!! 😉 I’m in!! Do I have to wear a dress or burn my bra or anything. FYI I have amazing legs. Let me know what I have to do.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. LMAO. I’ve never actually made waffles myself but for a trip to Australia I’m sure I could figure it out. 😛 I’m thinking about making it a celebration of women but in each blogs own way. For example, I’m going to read only female authors for the month. Each week I would post an update of other blogs that are participating and then link what they’ve posted. I’ve never hosted a blog event before so it might be kind of sloppy for a first go lol.

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  5. Really nice work mate, great composition and colour choices, the thing just works so well as a whole. The only thing I would say is that you could have added a bit more drama to the piece by adding some ripples and movement to the costume of the Guardian, the best tool I’ve found for this is a thing called a “colour shaper” you can pick then up from most art shops, and well worth the money, it’s basically a paint brush with a rubber “tip” instead of bristles, they come in various sizes and differing “tips” for different jobs. This would also eliminate the “fingerprints” too. Try using cocktail sticks for this as well.

    Keep up the good work, Cheers Roger.

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      1. Real life, sh*t happens, still not fully back (not painted since September), but at least I’m back on-line, hope to be posting something by the end of the month/start of the next.

        And get those tools, they are the best money you’ll ever spend!

        Cheers Roger.

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  6. That is a fine price of work. Great choice of miniatures and setting. The muted colour palette hits just the right tone. A challenge well completed.

    Next challenge… get your self out and eat a waffle. With chocolate sauce and ice cream.

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    1. Haha Waffles are my mission. My wife just said we’ll go get waffles with the kids next weekend 😊 Glad you like what I’ve done here mate. It was relatively easy and straight forward and a lot of fun.


  7. Nicely done and an excellent idea. One of the things that put me off wargaming and fantasy in the end was the ridiculous shape of many female characters.

    I have to disagree with you on waffles though: we have them here and I find them most dissatisfying. Give me crumpets any day.

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  8. Whaaaaat?! My mind is completely blown that you’ve never known the deliciousness that is waffles! They’re so damn good, and I am definitely one of those people who prefer waffles over pancakes. Don’t get me wrong, pancakes are good, too, but waffles are just . . . well, they’re WAFFLES! 😛 They’re great with butter and syrup, but they’re also great Belgian style with strawberries and whipped cream. *drools*
    Anywhoo, enough ranting about waffles. I love the theme for the FEMbruary challenge. Very cool. 🙂 And your submission piece is fantastic! I love the two figures AND the background. The whole thing is awesome. I like that you went with a look that makes them look like they popped right off the pages of a comic. 😀 And I’m so thrilled that something I posted about helped inspire something as awesome as this. Great post! Hope you enjoyed your pancakes and Deadpool. Maybe you can enjoy some waffles when you watch the next Deadpool movie. 😉

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    1. Where’ve you been bro-sister? I’ve missed you. I’m glad you like what I’ve done. It was so much fun to paint in that style. I was pleased with how the guardian turned out too. Yep 39 and I have never tried waffles. My wife knows a place that we’ll try soon. I’m so excited about Deadpool 2. I was always a Batman guy and the Deadpool happened. If I was a superhero I’d be him. All the others can kiss my bottocks.

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      1. Haha Thank you! 😀 My recent hiatus was purely due to being way too busy lately. I feel like I’ve been running around like the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, always late and never enough time. I’m glad to be back and get to chat again and see all your awesome creations I’ve missed in the meantime! 😀
        The guardian seriously is awesome. I love how he’s looming in the background. Not in a menacing way, just in a watchful, protective way. Like, I DARE something to try to mess with her with him there. 😛
        Glad to hear you’ll be getting to try waffles soon. 🙂 Hopefully they’re up to snuff and represent their fellow waffles well. 😀

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  9. Very creative, nice write up, and inspired work. I like the way you push your creative boundaries. Based on comments above, I thought I’d share the link for some tools I found helpful: https://www.amazon.com/Foxnovo-Sculpting-Shapers-Sculpture-Modeling/dp/B01DU0FYE8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1519445190&sr=8-3&keywords=silicone+shaping+tools&dpID=31jDow7Y4yL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch . Also, I have found I like Apoxie Sculpt a lot, it’s quite versatile. Anyways, you are so prolific, where do you store all these brilliant creatures? Truly enjoyed this, I give it 5 seven-pointed stars for you Aussie!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww cheers man you’re too kind. I’m lucky enough to have a very supportive, understanding and rather pretty wife who has allowed me to have the dining room as my hobby room. I have a glass cabinet set up but need a couple more. A lot of my minis end up in the cupboard in sandwich bags too haha. Thanks for the link man. I definitely need some more tools

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