FEMbruary Submission Number 2. The Wytch Huntress and Her Brothers.

Ladies… All the Ladies, help me out… Come on… All the Ladies…

I had something completely different in mind for my next FEMbruary submission, funny how things (well my mind) can change. What I had in mind is another TWO FEMbruary submissions. I still plan on doing both but one of them wont make the FEMbruary deadline so hey it’ll be a female miniature in a different month HERESY!!!!!! Which could actually work well because another blogger…

friend https://cupcakesandmachetes.wordpress.com/

Has a celebration of ladies thing in March which I’ve agreed to join in with.

Last year HeresyOfUs commissioned a select few to make some models for his Chapel Project/Narrative Game. I was so over the moon to be asked to help out. I felt like the ugly girl in those American teenage movies who finally gets asked to the prom by the best looking dude in the school. Hahaha. You know what I mean yeah?

I managed to crank out (as far as painted and complete) an Inquisitor, his retinue and some terrain buildings. However, there were a whole bunch of NPC’s (Non-Player-Characters) that were built but never painted.

After reading and seeing Wudugasts recent post

– https://convertordie.wordpress.com/2018/02/16/black-magic-woman/

I was inspired to have a look at my base coated Chapel NPC’s. When I stumbled across Caensar The Wytch Huntress. I knew I had to paint her and put her up for the FEMbruary challenge. Then I felt even MORE inspired and made some brothers for the Huntress. Confused? I hope so haha.

Before the minis though…

Throughout history there have been notable heroes from both sexes but as this is FEMbruary it’s all about the ladies. Here are my top Heroine Picks in NPO:

  1. Joan of Arc – Not only was she a fearsome warrior and a saint but she also started commanding at the age of 17. She was captured by the English and put on trial for Heresy (that’s fair haha) and Crossdressing. Now we have shows like Ru Pauls Drag Race haha. She was found guilty and burned at the stake.
  2. Grace O’Malley – I like me some Pirates and O’Malley was one of the best. She was a firery Irish woman (There’s a stereotype for you) who ruled over the Umaill Kingdom and guarded her shores like a Wolf guards her cubs. Any ship that sailed to close she would send out her own ships to teach them a lesson. First she’d ask the intruders to pay a tax, if they declined then it was certain death for those poor souls.
  3. Rosa Louise Mccauley Parks – In 1955 a young afro american lady by the name of Rosa Parks decided to NOT sit in the designated “Black” section of the bus and, instead, sat in the whites only area. In a time when segregation was common law Alabama USA this took some courage.
  4. Rain Dove – I read this story a while ago and I love it because it shows that every day people can be so brave when and if they need or want to be…                                    – When the 22-year-old woman saw twelve men beating another man at an Oakland bus stop, she assumed that the fight would quickly break up. After all, nearly 40 people were watching. When no one made a move, she ran across the street and pulled two men off him before attending to the victim. The assailants continued to harass and threaten Dove, but a witness said that she responded, “You’ve done enough. You can either keep threatening me, a defenseless unarmed woman trying to provide medical services to a dying man, or you can go get this guy some water like a decent human being.” Paramedics assured Dove that the man will likely make a full recovery.


Onto the Minis:


The Huntress and Her Blood Brothers

Caensar The Wytch Huntress is older than time and wiser than all. She is cold and without mercy or pity. She hunts Wytches and is on a mission to rid the universe of all evils.

Caensar was once a warrior princess of the Maiden World Fahdeer but she, along with her family, were arrested for Heresy and Wytchery.

Caensar and her Brothers were convicted and hanged but their father who, ironically, was a Wytch Doctor managed to bring his children back to the light by using black magic and blood from his own veins. If you look closely you can see the scars from the nooses around each of the siblings necks.

Caensar The Wytch Huntress


Her spear is actually three separate pieces. The top piece, the section under her hand and then another 2cm piece at the bottom to extend the whole thing.

In the pic below you can see her warpaint. She wears this for two reasons. 1 To look more menacing. 2 To hide the wound where her right ear was severed by an evil WarLock.


At first I wasn’t sure about the arrow/bolt as i thought it was a bit too big but then I thought HELL it could be like a Mini Harpoon and that’s pretty bloody cool.


She’s not completely human anymore. She has tangled with many forms of enemies and some have infected her.


In the pic below you can see, more clearly, the marks from the noose.


Below I want to point out two things. 1. I tried some basic freehand on the arm shield. As suggested by Azazel I kept things simple. Not amazing haha. 2 The white thing across her shoulder is actually her dead brothers (Killoran) Top Knot.



Now onto the Brothers



I really like his warpaint, his top knot, his broad swords and his trophies.


The bottom of the handle on the sword in his left hand screwed up a bit. Fiddly bastard of a piece.







Both of the Bro’s are pretty cool in my humble opinion but I think Dungar is my favourite. Love his bad arse rifle. It was a tricky little conversion actually.


I’ve got a thing for Peg Legs haha. Wow that sounds really creepy.




He carries the Book of Wytches. An unofficial of Wytches and Warlocks.


The Wytch Hunting Siblings


I will try my best to squeeze in another FEMbruary submission but work is pretty full on at the moment and I am coming home EXAHAUSTED but we will see. I seem to pull energy reserves out of my bottom a lot of the time haha.










28 thoughts on “FEMbruary Submission Number 2. The Wytch Huntress and Her Brothers.”

  1. Nice work here, and good use of warpaint as well as the shield design. Keep adding those little details and we’ll have you intricately tattooing these models soon enough!
    Check out this old-school Escher warpaint for additional inspiration. Simple but bloody effective!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow, you’re producing quality models so fast I’m struggling to keep up! Where does your energy come from – especially as you claim you’re coming home from work exhausted? It’s that new coffee maker you got for christmas does it I reckon…

    Anyway, glad to hear my witch inspired your witch hunters , these are great once again. The presence of the brothers really helps to elevate her as their leader as well and I’m particularly taken with Dagart, a very effective conversion.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha my mates all ask me the same thing. I think what spurs me on is the fear of looking back at my life and wishing I’d done more. Does that make sense? However coffee does help! I’m also a night owl and an early riser haha. I’m glad you like my trio. There was a fourth but I wasn’t completely happy with him so he’ll toddle off and joking my BloodReapers army down the track.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Woo! Loving these FEMbruary posts! 😀 Looking forward to seeing what you come up with for C&M’s Women’s History Month celebration.
    These siblings are awesome, and Caensar is one fierce looking warrior. I love it. I especially like Dungar, too. 🙂 Also, their background story is really cool.

    Liked by 1 person

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