The Good the Bad and the Ugly – Chapter 1. Collaborative???

Howdy partner…

Guess who already has a saloon load of projects on the go?

Guess who has just been inspired to start another one?

The other day while scouring through instagram pix of our little miniature friends I saw this –

From the one and only Migs of Ironsleet. Simple but an amazing idea.


I saw this incredible post from Alex over at Leadballoony –

Second February challenge – ‘finish a neglected model’

It didn’t take long for a little bit of wee to come out as my excitement grew and grew at the idea of doing some sort of wild west themed project.

I put it to Alex that we could do some sort of Narrative Wild West thing and call it The Good the Bad and the Ugly.

My crazed and over excited mind starting brainstorming and I cam up with this:

The Good – Lawmen using Orlocks as a base miniature.

The Bad – INSPIRED BY Alex’s post – Nexicron Bandits with ponchos etc. (Necrons and Skitarii bits.

The Ugly – Walker Pox Rangers (A play on Walker Texas Rangers but using Poxwalkers).

Needless to say I couldn’t help myself and got cracking. First I scoured the internet looking for cowboy heads/hats then I remembered… I HAVE WILD WEST EXODUS MINIS IN MY STORAGE LOCKER!!! Technically they are 1/35 scale but looking at them I saw that the heads could definitely work.

I tore open the Orlocks Box and blister packs of Wild West Exodus minis and got to work. This was at midnight last night but when creativity strikes I have to do it.

I only had two Exodus minis to play with and made these.



I need to adjust the shoulder pads a bit.


Henry Peacemaker


Need to adjust the shoulder pads on Henry too.


THEN, not wanting to stop, I remembered I had some “ANZAC” type heads from Victoria Miniatures so I made these three varmints.

Whiskey Dean






Clayton the Trapper



Pretty simple kitbashing. I have two kits of Orlocks and plan on doing more extensive conversion work with the second lot.

I also ordered some heads from Wild West Exodus so keep an eye out for Chapeter 2.

Now, I’m no Ironsleet, Bigbossredskullz or HeresyOfUs BUT I really think this project could be a collaborative global thing. As it seems to be the year of challenges and joining in with things why not make this a “thing” haha.

I’m more than happy for someone to run the show, “Take the reigns”, but what I think, or suggest, we could do is thus:

All of us make either a warband/gang/posse for each category (Good, Bad, Ugly) OR all three then write a back story etc and post it up. With the making of the warbands lets make it fairly broad with what minis you use. You dont have to use what I’ve suggested and will be using. For instance, for those of you not into 40k, you could make/paint tradtional looking cowboys. The main thing is there needs to be the three differentiating categories.




Oh and one more final thing, they all reside in a place called Coffin Wood County.

Other than that go nuts.

I hope you all join in, in some form or another. If you’re not into making minis maybe draw something cool or write up a story etc.

Let me know whos in and your thoughts etc.

BIG thanks to Migsula and Alex for getting my creative juices flowing on this one.






45 thoughts on “The Good the Bad and the Ugly – Chapter 1. Collaborative???”

  1. Wow, you didn’t hang about – I’m glad I helped to tickle your creative spot dude! I reckon I can chuck a few more Nexicron banditos together & play along 😉

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  2. Looking good hombre! This is a hard one to say no to given my interest in the old west. Much depends on time scale. If there is a decent lead time count me in, if not then I may well participate but miss the deadline. Will probably go down the conventional route, sad I know. Meanwhile, time to heard em up and move em out – Rawhide!

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    1. Haha. The first time I heard that song was on the Blues Brothers when I was a little fella. Still one of the greatest scenes in a great movie. No real time line man so go nuts at your own speed. I was thinking of you when I said for those not into 40k. I look forward to seeing what you do. Will you give all three categories a go?

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      1. I’ll do an internet trawl and if I can find something suitable then yes I’d like to give all three ago. Promises to be fun. Have spent along time away from the old west of late and still have a number of other things to do before hand but this gives a good incentive to get back on track!

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  3. Nice work – those Orlocks really do make cracking cowboys. Have to admit I wasn’t blown away by the Hipster House at all to begin with but they’re growing on me every time I look at them and you’ve certainly put a nice twist on them. Plus – who doesn’t love futuristic cowboys in space? That has all the makings of a cult sci-fi show that get’s cancelled after just one series…

    As for the joining in with the challenge right now I’m pretty much snowed under by “real life” shenanigans (both figuratively and – unless this snow let’s up – literally), and my creative energy is tied up in other projects. Never say never though, you’ve certainly sparked a few ideas so who knows.

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      1. Will have to see- may relocate it to the Tex/ Mex border in about in 1913… nothing at all to do with the last megagame and getting the Wild Bunch on DVD….



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  4. Nice work, and the Vic minis heads do look quite good on the Orlocks. If I ever do another Vic order I’ll have to grab them, but that’s not likely until (at least) July. I think Henry’s arms might need to be lowered a slight tad.
    As for the project, I can’t see myself shoehorning in an entire gang (let alone three) into what I’m already trying to paint this year, but it did make me think of a single trio of figures that I’ve got that could work…

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      1. They are a bit and this is hard to explain but how the shoulder pads fit kind of doesn’t leave much room for the shoulders. I think they’re meant tonsort of tuck under the pads. It’s not 100% but close enough. I guess he’s a bit of a slouch haha

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    1. At one time I didn’t think I’d have the patience too but here I am. I also never thought I’d have kids, get married, have my own business, be in a band but here I am. My point is just give it a go. I’d help if I can in anyway. A lot of people do it for the game play after but I very rarely play the game. I do it as I find it very therapeutic but also a lot of fun. Sharing it after is nice too. It was confronting to share it at first though. How about this for a challenge. I’ll purposely read a female author. Maybe a book of your choosing and you paint a miniature.

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      1. While a fantastic challenge, I am not good on commitment to that lol. I was talking with my husband about it at dinner last night and he agreed that I would not have the patience but then he showed some interest in doing it himself. He used to play Warhammer back in the day before we got together. That makes it sound like I made him quit, but I did not!

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  5. This is a brilliant idea IRO! People could even do one figure and feel involved! Figures don’t really fit with scales I do, but I’m prepared to brush the dog and make some tumbleweeds out of the hair (I could do a masterclass on it, along the lines of TIM’s excellent one on making fir trees, but not as good, obviously)! Otherwise my wife was wondering if you could rename it to “The Good, The Bad & The Grumpy” because she says I’d be over-qualified for the last faction!

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    1. Haha happy to have you involved son. What about, I response to your wife – the good the bad and the HeY shouldn’t you be doing the ironing or making me a Bacon sandwich woman? Haha
      See how brave I am from alllllll the way over here in Australia?!

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      1. Haha, like it! I’ll maybe not pass on your message though! Discretion may be the better part of valour, but cowardice is the better part of discretion! Anyway, I couldn’t ask for a better wife – I can say that here, ’cause she never reads blogs!

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      2. Hehe fair. I’m lucky in the wife department too. She even likes to look at what I post and create etc. Now I feel bad. I’ll make her cake. Your wife I mean and probably mine too. Haha.

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  6. This l,ooks like it could be fun, sadly I was little early to the party, as I did mine three years ago, and called it my “Good the Bad and the greenstuff” project…

    It goes on for 5 posts from here and then I added these…

    If you have half the fun I did, well I had twice the fun you will (if that makes sense!

    Anyway all the best to you and all the entries, looks like this should be a right laugh!

    Cheers Roger.

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  7. This is so cool! Love the work you’ve already put into it, and you can tell from this post just how excited you are about it, which is awesome. 😀
    (Also, totally digging the name Coffin Wood County.) 😛
    I’m * attempting* to squeeze in more time for drawing this year, so I’d love to take part and do some drawing (or rough sketches at least since most of my supplies are packed away for the next 2 months).

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    1. Haha you’re getting to know my tamber quite well. I am excited! I’d love for to join in and was really hoping you would/could. Drawings and stories would be awesome!!! See how I squeezed in stories as well there haha.

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    1. Oh wow they’re cool. Honestly mate it’s just a bit of fun so you can paint straight up metal cowboys or build terrain or write up some fluff. I’m not big on “Rules” of any kind, never have been really so this is kind of just a free for all with just a loose theme to follow. I’d love it if you joined in and painted those awesome metal sculpts man.


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