Corlina Rayne – The Wytch of Thorn Pass

Just over a year ago I made an NPC Wytch for The Chapel (Collaborative) Project. I finally apinted her today so consider this my second submission for Womens History Month.

The last, alleged, Witch to be executed in Europe was Barbara Zdunk, a Polish woman who was a know arsonist as well. She had a “fondness” for magic so, naturally, she was to blame for a fire that all but destroyed the city of Robel. The poor woman was burned at the stake in 1811.

Many women, throughout early history, were hanged, drowned, stoned and burnt to death for Witchery, black magic etc. Many, if not most, were simply, what we’d call today, natropaths, herbilists or healers. Women who sought to help others with their ailments with the use of natural herbs, flora and even fauna based remedies instead of through prayer or the old “Cut it off before it spreads” method.

During the macabre “Salem Witch Trials” women were bound and thrown into the water. If they sank and drowned they were shown to be innocent but if they bobbed to the surface this provved they were a witch so they were burned at the stake. So basically they were screwed no matter what.

Bizarre, horrible and incredibly sad to think that we, as humans, could be so scared of something we didn’t know about or understand that we’d resort to such extreme violence.

My Wytch is 100% WITCH! (That sounds like a good title for a song).

The Albino woods are dense with colourless trees and scrub. It is a cold, mystical and foreboding place that both intrigues people and fills their sleep with nightmares. However at the northern entry of the vast white forest curious travellers will find a pass splashed with colour but mostly of Crimson. It could be mistaken as a reserve of rare flora, a peaceful garden, if it wasn’t for the long writhing tentacles riddled with razor sharp thorns. The keeper of the Pass is Corlina Rayne a cannibal, a taker of souls and a cruel and heartless Wytch. Her skirt is made from the rotting flesh of those who answer her riddles incorrectly. Her long tongue plunges down the throats or stabs directly into the heart to retract the soul before she feasts on the flesh.  She will give you only one riddle, one chance, and if  Corlina likes your answer she might possibly let you pass.


Here’s her riddle…

A FIVE Letter word that becomes Shorter when you add two letters to it?

(Don’t cheat and google it).


Corlina Rayne


Her skirt is made from sheets of shredded human flesh.


Her tongue is like the Proboscis of a Mosquito and will drain the very life and soul from your body.



Her weapons are also tools of butchery used to skewere, club, skin and gut you.



Her dead eyes will penetrate your soul first, hypnotising you, before her tongue and spear follow through.


She was difficult and fun to build and quite straight forward to paint.

My Blood For The Blood God Tech Paint had dried up so I used Red food dye for the blood this time round. It turned out ok because I didn’t want the blood to look too fresh.

I hope you like her……..

Actually NO!

I hope she gives you nightmares. MWWUAAAHAHAHAAAAAA…



47 thoughts on “Corlina Rayne – The Wytch of Thorn Pass”

  1. She also likes long walks, the theatre and quite nights in cuddling on the sofa with a chose friend, she would like to meet a professional gentleman, non-smoker (though bursting into occasional flame is acceptable) aged eighteen to three thousand who like animals, for fun nights out and terrorizing villagers. PO box 666.

    Sorry, great work mate, though slightly disturbing ( you and her!)

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Nasty! I think I’d be ok though – I got the riddle I think* 😉
    Also, depressing fact, but you can add mental illness to your list of ‘reasons to be accused of witchcraft’… sad :-/


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      1. Hmm still a difficult question. On one hand I would like to be R2D2, all knowing sassy robot on the other hand, Rey is pretty bad ass despite some of the problems with the newer movies. So the answer is I would like to be a Rey-cyborg please.

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  3. I hope she never moves near here: it’d be terrible for local house prices.

    Some of the nastier higher-ups of the SS were fond of making lampshades out of human skin. Apparently they looked for people with tattoos.

    ‘Macbeth’ was probably written as a propaganda fluff piece for James the first of England who was just a little bit obsessed with witches. There’s evidence that he was involved with several witch trials, and in one case he was alleged to have caused a woman to be tortured with methods including sleep deprivation for several days, until she finally confessed to being a witch, whereupon he said he didn’t believe her confession. James was probably as good an advert for republicanism as you could hope to find. In later life he was more sceptical about witches, and I can’t help feeling he could have saved a lot of trouble if he’d come to the conclusion sooner.

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  4. She looks genuinely vile… very well done.
    As to the real witch trials, which were shameful and evil, we still sadly see the same thing the world over just in a slightly different way. Find the defenceless, different or marginalised, individuals and groups in society, those without the influence or resources to fight back, blame them for all the problems and then persecute them.

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  5. Wow! She certainly is a gruesome one, isn’t she? I LOVE it! 😛
    That human skin skirt and beastly tongue of hers are nightmarish. Definitely wouldn’t want to cross her path. 0.o Nicely done!

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      1. Aw, thanks! Missed you, too! 😀 Things have just been ultra hectic lately. I think this month is going to burn me out between work and working on the house before we move in, but it shall all be worth it in the end. Then I can nap. 😛 Hope all is going well for you! 🙂

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      2. Haha I tend to not sleep that great at night, either, but I also unfortunately suck at taking naps. It’s like my brain doesn’t want to shut down because it’s got too many things to worry over or think about. Brains are assholes like that. 😛
        I love the concept of naps, though. Especially if there are lots of big fluffy pillows and blankets. As weird as it sounds, sometimes I enjoy the nights I wake up more than the ones I actually sleep through because I get to enjoy just how cozy things are.

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