Le Carnaval Macabre III – Gypsy Conspirator “The keeper of secrets.”

G’day Fellows and Fellowettes.

A very quick one for you today.

I assume most of you have heard of the classic movie The Labrynth starring the late and great David Bowie. I was and still am a big fan of the movie. My girls all love it too now.

I always found the dreamy ballroom sequence quite creepy along with the character King Jareth (Bowie) dresses up as.

Here are some images to refresh your minds.


Memories jogged?

Ok well they are the inspiration behind my Gypsy Conspirator “the keeper of secrets.”



Thats it

There isn’t any more



32 thoughts on “Le Carnaval Macabre III – Gypsy Conspirator “The keeper of secrets.””

  1. Very cool figure and inspired by a classic film to boot! Really nicely put together figure and I hope he’ll get painted up soon.

    You’ve inspired me to use those Tzeentch masks for some Venetian style AoS duellists, so a heap of thanks for that (maybe I’ll even get around to making them!).

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  2. Very creepy fig, and as said above a classic movie. The only thing I didn’t like about it was Bowie’s singing! Oh and the fact that he’s trying to get into a young teenage girls pants ( a little dubious that!). I love the scene where the gate closes and the mechanical monster comes away from it, I’d love to make something along those lines in 28mm…..aw well you can always dream.

    Cheers Roger.

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  3. Very nice mate – good combination of new and old bits too. He would have fitted in very nicely to old Warhammer, and you’ve got me wondering again about using those heads for Inquisitorial characters.

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    1. Thanks man. I was pretty psyched when I thought of the combination. Quite often I don’t plan anything it just kind of happens. I fancied doing the old with the new but not just with bretonnia and skitarii as that’s almost becoming standard. I’m glad you like it and I will support you in the inq28 ideas 😉👍🏼

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  4. Labyrinth is (and always will be) one of my favorite movies! ❤ 😀 (Possibly even my absolute favorite, but I'm horrible at picking "favorites".) I can't even express how much I adore that film.
    Also, I love the aesthetic you went with for your Gypsy Conspirator! Looks awesome! 😀
    Hoping all has been well for you and yours lately. 🙂 I think the dust is finally starting to settle after all the crazy hecticness I've had going on the past month or so, so I'm hoping to be around the blogs much more often again.

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