Le Carnaval Macabre VI – The fortune teller

As well as some interesting personalities I also want to add so stereotypical types to this war band. Eg Strong Man, freaks, jesters (more jesters I have one already done – see King and the Jester) and maybe even a fire eater.

One of those stereotypical types is the fortune teller and here she is.




Not sure if you can tell, but I hope you can, that she’s wearing a skull mask.

Thers still plenty more to post but my next post will be the completed (painted as well) GOOD Faction of my Good, Bad, Ugly project. That won’t be until Sunday though. For now I’m off to build a retaining wall, prune some roses, repair a window sill, paint a hallway and toilet and then go to band practice. A big day to say the least.

Adios Amigos


30 thoughts on “Le Carnaval Macabre VI – The fortune teller”

      1. Don’t tell me you haven’t watched the classic 1930s Tod Browning film ‘Freaks’…? It is a horror film classic you really need to see it. Watch it and my comment will make sense.



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    1. Thanks mate 😊 The crystal ball is from the celestial harricanum kit. I picked up the hammerhal box a couple of months back. It’s chock full of goodness mate so I highly recommend you get a box. Especially as they are phasing out all the old fantasy gear.

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      1. Well all the old stuff is being phased out in my opinion. That’s why there are such big boxed sets. Hopefully they’ll be replacing it all with either equally as cool or better stuff. My dream is that they bring out plastic Mordheim kits

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  1. Sounds like you got a full plate in the ‘real world’! Very nice mini, I think is my favorite so far. Oh wait, that’s a mask? Shoot, I thought this was an Undead Lich with a super powerful mage staff. I take it back. Unless she can curse people….and then, um, yea, this is definitely my favorite mini of the bunch! 😉

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