The Good the Bad and the Ugly – Chapter 3. The Good.

It’s fairly obvious to most of you, regular, readers that I tend to have a shotgun approach to my hobby. I’m irratic, excitable and, often, so confusing that even I get a little lost, myself, from time to time. Today it’s called ADHD but in my day it was called “Little annoying  bastard”.

Pretty much every single school report of mine said – “IRO would achieve a lot more and do really well if he applied himself”. Haha. So shoot me, I liked making people laugh more than learning about Pi (3.14).

It’s true though, when I do apply myself and focus I get more done. A good example, I hope, for you fine folk is this post.

Just a warning, this is a fairly big post people so hold on to your saddles and enjoy the ride.

I’ve given a bit of background on each of the characters.


Welcome to Coffin Wood County. (Pop: 108)

Coffin Wood County used to be quite the industrious place. The plains were rich with Humite, a mineral, which could be mined and compounded into plasteel for such uses as armour, cargo containers, ammo boxes, cups, buckets and even tools and weapons. Anything that needed to be fairly light but strong. The Humite mines flourished for nearly two hundred years and the infrastructure in and around Coffin Wood only grew stronger and bigger. People from all walks of life came from far and wide to get a piece of the action and at one time the population reached, in excess, of 8,000,000. Inevitably, just like rotting flesh on a mule carcass, the “goodstuff” finally started to dry up and became harder to find and dig out. Needless to say this caused a lot of unrest and many people turned to stealing and killing just to get by. The first thing to go was the rail line. Supplies came in via truck for a while but after these were constantly attacked and raided they stopped coming. People turned to the land to farm thier own food but the soil was so sandy that it was difficult. Eventually Coffin Wood became, almost, like a ghost town and remained that way for many years until a wealthy entrepeneur gentleman called Theodore J Cole stopped over in the town to refeul his Airship. While sipping a Brandy at the Box Herder Saloon he got chatting with an old town drunk named Clive about how the town once was. “Humite yer say?” Cole asked stroking his beard. “Yer know, where theres Humite there are Phoenix berry roots.” Clive stared at the well dressed man through foggy, drunk eyes. He spat and then said, “I told the good folk here that years ago but none did listen. Why would they? I’m crazier than a one legged coyote.” With that old Clive started to dance an unsightly jig and clapped his hands together  out of time.

Less than a year later Cole had set up two solar farms where he grew and exported Phoenix berries. Phoneix Berries were hard to grow in most climates, even controlled ones, but out in the deserts with humite rich sandy soil the conditions were just right.

Slowly, the old town came back to life and, even though it would never be quite what it was in the old days, some pride came back too.

The Cole family became the wealthiest in all the land but it was also extremely corrupt and ran the county with an iron hand.

The Good

Bowen’s Blue Belly Bushwhackers

The name comes from two things:

  1. Blue Belly is a term to describe a “Yank”
  2. Bushwhackers were Militia type raiders around during the U.S War of Indepenedence  but, more predominantly, during the U.S civil war.

1. Sherrif Leo “Trigger Finger” Bowen. (The Good)


Sherriff Bowen was once a good man. A highly religious man who believed that good would always conquer evil but, when a marauding gang of Bio-Ghouls ransacked his homestead while he was away on business killing his entire family, Bowen lost his faith. A darkness enveloped him and he turned to drink and fist fighting. One night in a drunken stupor he accidentally shot down an innocent man on a back road. When he realised the man was the new appointed Sheriff onn his way to town Bowen put the badge on his own chest and realised he could unleash hell under the guise of a law abiding law man. He told the townsfolk some cock and bull story about how he and the sheriff were ambushed and that it was the sheriff’s dying wish that he, Bowen, take on the duty of the towns Lawman.

Bowen knew he would need help so, first, he hired two deputies. Jed, Leo’s older half brother, a real wild man and cold blooded killer and Willie, a two bit criminal with a death wish. Then the three lawmen caught, killed and then brought back to life a wild killing criminal called Ned. They recruited the bad man into their gang. The Sheriff, sometimes, employed the help of Coffin Wood Countys best bounty hunter, the infamous, Dolores Mayweather.

Then, as fate would have it, Bowen bumped into Colonel Travis, formerly of the 407th Cavalry. The two had been acquainted through Bowen’s dead wife. Bowen told Travis it was time for change and that they could both run Coffin Wood County. Travis needed a new mission so excepted willingly.

Together they formed Bowen’s Blue Belly Bushwhackers and with the Wealthy Cole Family backing them they became a force to be reckoned with.

2. Ex-Soldier – Colonel George “Dead and Buried” Travis. (The Good)


Not too much is known about the old Colonel only that he is, technically, dead. He was shot in the back of the head by his brother twenty years ago and, ironically, he was brought back to life by Doc the Leader of The Mad March Hares (The Bad). He is a fearless warrior and has lead men to victory and/or death most of his life.

3. Ex-Soldier – Captain Eli Clayton “The Trapper”. (The Good)


Eli was raised as a trapper by his Mountain Man father and Uncle. He was raised tough and killed his first Bear when he was fifteen with nothing more than a gutting knife. He lives to hunt and can find tracks that no one else could see with a naked eye. His skills are beyond belief but he is not an arrogant man. He is reserved and has a very gentle demeanour until he is in battle. Then he unleashes hell! He has been loyal to Colonel Travis for many years and has taken bullets for him.

4. Ex-Soldier – Sergeant “Bloody” Bill. (The Good)


Bill was 10 years old when he joined the 407th Coffin Cavalry. Apparently the youngest recruit in the history of the outfit. His orders back then were, clean the boots, peel the berries, sharpen the blades, mop up the blood etc. By age 12 he’d killed his first Bio-Ghoul. Now, 41 years later he is the most feared and revered Ex-Soldier in Coffin Wood County. He isn’t known for his patience but he is known for his quick temper that, on most accounts, ends with the target of his aggression ending up dead or near it. He is not well liked by anyone apart from his beloved Colonel Travis who has known him since he was a boy. When the 407th were all but wiped out in the Gamble Ridge Massacre a decade ago the Colonel had dragged his Sergeants ass out of the line of fire and into a hidden cave. There they were joined by other survivors and they all made a blood pact. They would have their revenge and they would die for each other. After a decade of bloodshed and mayhem the old Sergeants thirst has still not been quenched. He looks for a fight in every corner and wants to die shooting in a blaze of glory. Bloody Bill is a balls in kind of fighter. He would much prefer to charge in than sneak around or take pot shots from afar. He inspires bravery, or insanity, in his troops. He has been almost killed so many times that he has lost count and his old body has paid the consequence. He lost his right arm from the elbow down 2 years back in a bar fight with an old Ork War Chief from the Blud Letta Klan. He lost his right eye only three months ago when he split open the head of a foe with his hatchet and fragment of boned burst his eye. He was also severely burnt in his first battle against “The Ugly” nearly 9 years ago. Most of his body suffered 3rd degree burns but this old warrior is tougher than Bio-Ghoul Hyde.

5. Ex-Soldier – Wildcat Hitchcock. (The Good)


Hitchcock was farmer but when his crops went sour he taught himself the art of Bounty hunting. When he caught and hung a high-borns son, in a case of mistaken identity, he was given a choice… 10 years hard labour or the Army? He joined the 407th Coffin Cavalry and hasn’t looked back.

6. Ex-Soldier – Butch. (The Good)


Butch was one of nine born to his poor old mother and father. He lived in the back alleys scrounging for food. He was spat at and beaten up by townfolk on a regular basis so it was no wonder he turned hateful. He massacred every patron at the Chapel early one Sunday morning and was set to be hanged until Colonel Travis bought him from the jailers.

7. Ex-Soldier – Noah Cash. (The Good)


Noah and his twin brother were bandits in the high peaks of “Red Ruin” until they were cornered by Colonel Travis and his 407th. There was a long shoot out and Noah’s brother was cut down. Noah surrendered and, surprisingly, befriended Travis and joined his force.

8. Ex-Soldier – Whiskey Dean. (The Good)


A mute with a drinking problem but no matter how much whiskey he drinks he still fights hard and shoots straight.

9. Deputy Jed “Justice” Adams. (The Good)


Jed always wanted to be a Sheriff,ever since he was a little boy but he was too much of a violent, beer swilling, wild man. He never kept his cool and he liked the drink and gambling a little too much. Needless to say he was overjoyed when his kid half brother Leo became Sherriff and deputised him.

10. Deputy Willie “No Sunrise” Rogers. (The Good)


Willie mostly shoots first and asks questions later. He’s killed more men than the Black Death Plague.

                      11. NED (Good)


Not a lot is known about old Ned. He was a wild killing criminal before being hunted down and executed by the Sheriff. Then the Sheriff brought him back to life with some sort of VooDoo and made him into a mindless but loyal killing zombie.


So there you have it, The Good Faction, well all but one. Dolores Mayweather wasn’t quite finished in time so you will meet her in the next few days. Maybe even as early as tomorrow night.







33 thoughts on “The Good the Bad and the Ugly – Chapter 3. The Good.”

    1. Ned’s my favourite too brother hehe. I’m glad you like what I’ve done. In this day and age it’s hard to do something unique but a 7th cavalry styled war band with a sheriff, deputies and a Ned Kelly look a like is fairly unique I guess hehe

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Mr Imperfect. I’m rather chuffed with my painting output for this. Unlike many hobbyists painting isn’t as enjoyable as building for me but I’m often pleased with the finished results. Any favourite mini? Mine is definitely Ned.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. These are great and, yes, Ned is my favourite too! I’m assuming “Good” is really short for “Good at shooting things up and causing mayhem”! Nice to see them all painted and a group photo would be nice!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Phoenix berries.” Unh huh, sure that’s what they are growing!

    Well, I like Ned, but also the Sheriff and Deputy Jed. I’m just not the monogamous sort, don’t tell my wife! I’m pretty amazed how nicely the Orlock minis converted. The stances work really well for what you’re doing.

    I’m also really liking the photos, you’ve got shots by different pieces of terrain and even a ‘through the window’ shot. I’m lucky if I get one decent shot from the same existing setup.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe cheers man and what happens on the blog stays on the blog 😉 In regards to the photograohy I firmly believe that it’s just as integral as the painting. It’s all about lighting and a crap load of patience. I’m glad you like the crew man.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I like the Union Cavalry colors, very nice job and great work on all. I plan on doing a somewhat Western-inspired (and IRO-inspired) good, bad, ugly as part of Azazel’s May Challenge. Texican Space Rangers. I have a platoon of these guys cast and bought over the last year. They were languishing, but now due to you 2 they’re coming out. I do not have the dog, but I have these two:

    Liked by 1 person

  4. One hell of a photodump here mate. Every time I thought I was getting to the end, there were more figures to come! The only thing you’re missing is a group shot. (Which I’d love to see soon!)
    I’m getting a kind of Union Troops crossed with Fallout Post-Apoc vibe from the paint scheme on these guys. I also think I’m going to have to get a set or two of those ANZAC heads. Those are the ones from Vic minis, right?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Correct mate Vic Minis. Great company. I was going for a Union look for the majority and hen standard cowboy-ish for the Sheriff and Deputies. The group shot will come when I’ve finished the GOOD Faction. Still need to finish Dolores Mayweather (bounty hunter). I hoped to have her finished during the week but busy times mixed with a good dose of laziness kicked in I’m afraid haha.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Yayyyy! Glad to see more about this series. 😀 The good guys are lookin’ “good”! 😉 Haha sorry, couldn’t resist the call of a cheesy pun even if I tried. 😛
    Love all the work you put into backstory as always. Awesome post! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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