Purge Cardinals Part 12.

Just over a year ago, as in twelve months and three days, I posted Part 1 for my Purge Cardinals Space Marine Project.

Now I’ve finally finished one squad. The veteran squad and a couple of Devastators.

I purposely went with a very basic colour pallete as I wanted them to look, not only monochromatic but also dirty and ashen.

I used a lot of pigments and very little washes, which is the opposite of how I usually work. I wanted a real Ash/dust look to them. It’s very difficult to come up with a completely unique look for space marines as every colour combination known to man seems to have already been utilised. Believe it or not I did actually consider doing a glow in the dark theme but felt they’d look too much like Buzz Lightyeat from Toy Story haha.

So, even though the colour scheme isn’t unique I still feel I’ve given them a certain… something.

I hope you agree.

This is a fairly large project and one that I don’t expect to finish for some time yet.














I had a lot of fun experimenting with the pigments, the paint and the photography.

Let me know your thoughts kids?

Thanks for looking.


36 thoughts on “Purge Cardinals Part 12.”

  1. I keep expecting a voice over saying: “you can really bring out the white if you put your purge cardinal into a 30 degree wash using our new improved xxx powder”.
    I like them a lot. The last veteran before the group shot almost has the look of a primarch. He needs a scar or two on that pretty boy face!

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  2. Grubby armour… loads of of close combat weapons. Love it. Can see them going into underground caverns and bunkers systems to clear them out with heavy close in fighting. Evocative stuff.



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  3. Nice job dude, these guys look really savage & battle hardened! One slight thing that bothers me is the dudes with white facial hair – it kind of gets lost with the armour…

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      1. It’s your call mate – they look fine as is, but if you were to change it up a bit then I’d probably start with a mid-grey & work up from there – you can get it quite white at the highlight, but with a bit more depth to the shade – kinda like this guy:

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    1. Thanks! I went heavy with the pigment. 1 because I wanted a full on Ash waste look but 2 because it tends to cling more. I then used Lehiam (I think that’s what it’s called) medium to help it stay on but dropped it on instead of dabbing or brushing. Then I sealed the whole model with a spray Matt sealer.

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  4. These guys are looking great – especially as a mob!
    The fact that you’ve kept the same palette and colouration overall, but with their upper armour being brighter and cleaner looking compared to their lower legs being that much darker and weathered, combined with the flesh tones of their heads and faces adding a touch of bright colour keeps the visual focus on the figure’s key points. Really draws the eye upwards and to their faces. Yeah, it’s a long run-on sentence, but it’s late – so it’s what you get!

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  5. Very cool, I’m a huge fan of these old Empire shields and the paint job looks ace. My only concern was the white hair Alex mentioned above, but it seems like you’re on to that task. 😀

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