Le Carnaval Macabre Part VIII – The Divine One

What better way to feel and utilise the power of a God than by capturing one for yourself.

UkRuer, The Divine One is a God of many powers, one of which is to see into the future. Another is that he can change into any living beast or  into several mutated combined beasts at once.

Le Carnaval Macabre Gypsys captured UkRuer long ago and utilise him, not only, for his powers but also to make money from his Freakish appearance in their travelling sideshow.

UkRuer, The Divine One –




33 thoughts on “Le Carnaval Macabre Part VIII – The Divine One”

  1. Proper madness mate – love the way you’ve got the pose with the chained arms. At once it is both a beast struggling against its restraints and yet there is something very human, almost dignity, in its pose.

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  2. Oh that’s good. I think you’ve outdone yourself with this one. From behind it gives me the impression of a learned scholar hunched over with age, walking along arms clasped behind their back, deep in thought and then you notice the chains…

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    1. Hehe that was the idea. The chains were an afterthought and one im not regretting. Thanks for the comment and I’m glad you like what I’ve done. I started adding some paint this evening but then had to make dinner, get the youngest showered, feed the dogs… etc etc haha

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  3. I’d just have to say ‘What have they done to him?!’. He looks to be in a lot of pain. Will be interesting painted up. I see different pieces, so I’m wondering if he will have a combination of different animal parts or something.

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