Le Carnaval Macabre IX – The Divine One Painted but not complete.

The other day I revealed some dark, possibly a little too dark for the visually  impaired haha, pictures of The Divine One God “UkRuer”.

Ive fallen in love with this model, weird I know, but he is cool and unique and was a whole lot of fun to paint.

As the title says he is painted but not complete. You’ll see 😉

I hope you like him gang.


A fairly simple paint job really but I think it’s effective enough. The long Noble robes  contrasted against the lighter fur seem to work well.

If you take anything away from this model I hope it’s the main thing I set out to achieve… The look of a captured God.



31 thoughts on “Le Carnaval Macabre IX – The Divine One Painted but not complete.”

    1. Hahaha I knew I wouldn’t have to wait long for someone to say something about the arse haha. I didn’t really notice it until I was fine tuning the shots. In one of the pix it looks as though the model is admiring the arse too haha.

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    2. Just read TIM’s comment, burst out laughing, sprayed coffee round the room (we’ve all done it), had a choking episode and finally managed to recover my composure, assisted by a hearty slap on the back from my wife (I think she took advantage of the situation, not being familiar with the expression “collateral damage”)! But I definitely like the paint job!

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  1. That’s really cool dude, the face is superb and I love the deep red robes. Where are all the parts from mate? I don’t recognise any of it! Classic IRO 🙂

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    1. Thanks matey. The head is from the mammoth set I got the Decembuary model from. The body is actually from a Star Wars keyring of General Grievous haha. As soon as I saw it in my old Star Wars collection I thought yep that’ll work perfectly.

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  2. Glad to see more awesome pictures of this one. I seriously LOVE this piece. You nailed the captured god look you were going for. Definitely one of my all-time faves of yours. Amazing work! 😀

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  3. Great work and perfect shading of the colours as usual. And I have to say, from the background it seems you’ve a exceptional talent for hand drawing buttocks… 😉

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  4. that is an awesome piece of work, I was going to ask whether it was a conversion, or a complete sculpt from somewhere, but you answered that above. It all just works so well together! I am mightily impressed mate. As said above great spotting of pieces “outside of the box” and really nice paintwork so far as well, one of your very best.

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. Thanks man. He’s been fun to tinker around with. Added some more to the whole piece last night and have one more thing to go so stay tuned for another update soon 👍🏼👍🏼


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