Le Carnaval Macabre Part X – The Divine One with Entourage – Complete!


The other day I put up a post about my painted Divine One Captured God but hinted that he wasn’t yet complete.

Well with the additions of two wizards/battle mages, an apprentice wizard, an undead guardian AND a nifty stack of skulls from Heresy Of Us he is now complete!

I probably say this all the time but this little “vignette” has been the most enjoyable thing to paint of late.

I also thoroughly enjoyed converting the Divine One from a General Grievous Keyring amen outting together the other minis.

The base is a a piece of slate I found on a job site a couple of months ago after being inspired by Azazel’s slate bases.

I also employed the trick of Bi-Carb soda and glue to patch small, medium and large holes.

Apart from the Divine One I think my favourite is the Undead Skeletal Guardian. He looks like he is well chuffed at being made to protect this magical little team.

I’d also like to say thanks to Alex who taught me via constructive criticism on another mini post on how to paint flames. He was bang on the money with having the red on top as opposed to the bottom.

I actually got a real buzz out of painting the candles haha. Simple pleasures for a simple mind I guess.

I hope you like it guys and I’d love to hear your feedback.

I stop waffling now and get on with the pretty pictures.




36 thoughts on “Le Carnaval Macabre Part X – The Divine One with Entourage – Complete!”

  1. Wow! he is so much bigger than I thought he was, really adds to the piece, that is an absolutely superb model, really top work all round on that one IRO, sorry that doesn’t feel right, you’ll always be Impy to me!

    Cheers Roger.

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    1. You know somewhere in the world there are several girls in the world saying exactly the same thing about me… “wow he is so much bigger than I thought he was” IRO, Sir, Impy whatever floats your boat mate. Thanks for the kind comment Roger

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      1. Well I won’t call you Midge them, as apparently the reason Ultravox front man “Midge” Ure got his name was……(waggles little finger!). Now Captain Beefheart on the other hand….well that’s another story entirely.

        Cheers Roger.

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    1. I prefer IRO so thanks but I’ll take Batman, Deadpool or Rambo too. Or even just plain SIR is fine as well haha. Glad you like what I’ve done man. It was a fun project and I’m looking forward to painting more for this project.

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  2. Wow yea, had no idea the godly one was that big. It all makes sense now! Yes, nice work on the candles and all the minis. I think my fave is the Divine One and then several of the humans around him. They seem to be either calling the crowd, lamenting, and/or keeping things in check. Really adds to the piece.

    Just a thought, try attaching some chain from his neck down to the base in front. This would signify the humans trying to break him, by forcing the Divine One to remain hunched and closer to our level.

    Great work and love the paints and conversions on this one. You’re killing it, IRO!

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  3. Awesome!! 😀 This looks fantastic. Like others have already mentioned in the comments, I hadn’t realized just how big the captured god was! It makes it even MORE impressive that he was caught now that you see how monstrously huge he is. Amazing work! 🙂

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  4. You’ve created rather an evocative vignette here. The chained god has turned out really impressively with the paint and his minders for scale. Makes sense to have the undead guard in front, too – in case he decides to take a chomp down on whoever is standing in front…

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      1. That’s what I mean. If I were one of the wizards, I wouldn’t want to be standing there, so shoving the undead guard into that spot makes sense…

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