BOOM “Junit” Challenge complete! 701st BannaRoff Light Infantry unit “The Forlorn 13”

Wow that title was almost as long as one of Azazels. Speaking of the great man he put out another challenge for June which has become JUNIT. Why, because the challenge involves finishing off a unit in June. Derrrr – See here –

June-Unit: Painting Challenge 2018

I think the last challenge I took part in was FEMbruary that Alex from Leadballony put out so I felt it was time to join in on the fun once more. It’s the year of challenges after all.

Straight away my 701st BannaRoff came to mind. If you’ve forgotten all about this army you can read more about them here –

I was very excited to build the light infantry and even more excited when I found Torsos and Tricorn hats/heads from Anvil Industries. Niiiiiiiiice.

So as far as conversions they are quite simple.

Basically Cadians with different heads and Torsos.

One thing I wanted to make sure of is that, nearly, all of them carried Lasrifles with a fixed bayonet just for the overall old school Napoleonic-ish aesthetic.

You guys helped me decide on staying with the same green I used for the Green Dragoons which was a good call I reckon so thanks team!

I enjoyed painting these and even though I’ve finished the challenge quickly they took more time than expected.

The only thing I’m not entirely happy with are the faces. I really struggle with faces, always have.

You may recognise the devilishly handsome Leader of this unit. Yep Kal Jerico! In my world he is Captain Kal Jerico though and I bloody love this model.

He was an absolute joy to paint. I made the mistake of glueing his Sabre on the wrong hip and didn’t notice until I started painting him. So, I gave him a satchel as well.

Now this –

“Captain, I live and die for the Forlorn 13, the 701st BannaRoff and the Emperor but sir… I live and die for you too.” Private Xoil blurted out as he struggled to stem the blood flow from a gut shot he’d sustained during the last charge.

“Jolly good but I implore you to do two things… one hang in there for the next offensive and two don’t get any of your damn blood on my boots or you’ll be spending the afterlife polishing them.” Captain Jerico said without humour.

The Forlorn 13 are all that’s left of the BannaRoff’s Light Infantry. Thirteen men including the debonair and courageous Captain Kal Jerico who have survived untold horrors who only have a ton more to look forward to.

The Forlorn, like their Dragoon Brothers come from a long line of battle hardened veterans who lived, fought and died for the BannaRoff.

The Forlorn 13 are the first on the battlefield and, often, the last to leave. They are the front line assault.

Captain Jerico rules with an iron fist and has, in the past, executed his own men on the spot for not only not obeying orders but questioning them as well.

The 13 don’t quite instill fear into the enemies hearts but they certainly make them grip their weapons a little tighter.

Alright, alright, alright here are the pictures.





47 thoughts on “BOOM “Junit” Challenge complete! 701st BannaRoff Light Infantry unit “The Forlorn 13””

  1. Yep I like these, historical with a twist, I think the colour works really well, red or blue would have been the obvious choices so good for you for being different.

    Sorry not been around much but I’m knee deep in my own month long project at the moment as well as time being somewhat on the short side at present.

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Green looks v. good to me. In fact colours and shading are top notch as usual. Best of all- the faces are great. The trim on those tricornes are so neatly painted. You’ve a steady hand, sir.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I really liked the faces. I’m with you -I avoid ‘painting’ eyes whenever I can, especially at 20mm. Less is definitely more. But at 28 or 54mm I’m finding a little subtle tiny black dot with a teeny weeny speck of white can work. But it’s all still a bit hit and miss for me.

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  3. No, no, no, no….I’m pretty sure I read somewhere in Azazel’s Challenge, that you can’t just “Boom! Junit done!” on the freakin fifth of the month! C’mon!

    Well, okay, the minis look top notch, so maybe you get a pass. This time.

    Excellent work, my man! Great choice on the green color and I’m liking your mish-mash of different eras more and more. Maybe you’re getting even better at it? I’d definitely buy your Kal Jerico over the original.

    What’s the trouble you have with faces, btw? I kinda like the different expressions I was able to read into some of them. But maybe someone here has some advice.

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      1. Eyes can be tough, I find watching a few youtube videos helps. Think this is the one that helped me the most:

        Skin tones can take some work. I’ve been experimenting a bit, mainly just to find a good way to do skin other than the ‘million layers method’. The last thing I tried was: base, highlight, extreme highlight, then wash, and then a glaze with the middle highlight color. I’ll see tonight if I completely washed out the extreme highlight or not. I’m mainly looking for something that is inbetween the spotty highlights method and the more time consuming complex blend. I think next week I’ll be posting some Necromunda pics, so if you see some skin you like, let me know.

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      2. And then I’m driving that long commute home and I get to thinking, maybe you meant tone as in color, and not technique. And maybe that advice was all way too basic anyways! Anywho, keep doing what your doing, because it looks wicked cool. I’d probably say “Wicked as F***!”, but I think there is a rule that only Azazel can use swear words on the internet.

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      3. Toddler wakes up at 7am, like clockwork though…so sleeping in on the weekends, isn’t really an option. I think she’s my version of TIM’s “She Who Must Be Obeyed”!

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    1. Nope – like (almost) all of these challenges – the challenge is to *finish* stuff. No matter if it’s started that month or only needs the eyes painted in properly (see what I did there?) to be completed on the first of the month. 😉

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      1. IRO’d the eyes on my mini tonight. Took me like 5 tries to get it right! One of those situations where the ‘pupil’ are of the mini was shaped weird, so nothing looked right. Still not totally happy with it.

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  4. The faces work for me – so I think you are too hard on yourself. Now that I’ve seen your music vids and have a guess on your age, here’s some good news for you.

    Presbyopia comes for us all.

    So the minis will always look better on the tabletop as you get older!

    BUT, when you take photos you see all the stuff you would not at normal magnification. Here you see how well you painted these, especially the greens, which work for me here.

    Love the pics IRO, your photography is always superb.

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  5. Very cool stuff here. They evoke 17th Centiry Spanish Tercios.

    …in SPAAAAACE!

    Seriously, though – this is very on point for the Imperial Guard – they canonically have a huge diversity specifically so regiments like these guys just fit right in alongside pretty much anything and everything else. And more importantly – they look great!

    Can we get a group shot with all of them in the one photo? 🙂

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