Le Carnaval Macabre Part XV – Gypsy Militia Commander

As we know Militia are usually rag tag unprofessional soldiers however in this case they are the professional soldier element to the Gypsy War Band.

Remember the Gypsy Battle Wagon? See it here –


Well you may have noticed the troops manning it. Not the driver, he’s a bit more of a unique vampire type character. The troops however have a rough sort of uniform going on.

Well that’s because they once belonged to a mighty army called the BannaRoff but they basically went AWOL and decided to join a Gypsy Caravan. With the Gypsies they could enjoy food, ale, treasure, music and other sources of entertainment. With the BannaRoff it was cold sundried meat, water and sleeping in a tent with a bunch of smelly soldiers.

All the Gypsies wanted in return was loyalty, the ability to fight and occasionally to allow the Vampires to drink some of their life blood. Fair I’d say.

Captain Rayner Halberstram – Gypsy Militia commander.

Halberstram was a hero of the BannaRoff Battalion and has many a successful mission to his name but there’s only so long a man can be told what to do and not break. Now he leads a select few disillusioned ex-BannaRoff soldiers who have joined a Gypsy Caravan. The Gypsies are a kind but ruthless people. They fight for fareness but always make sure their own kind comes out on top. They also harbour a secret. One that Commander Halberstram helps protect.


Look he’s no Therianthrope (cheers Wudugast for that reference) but he’s a stoic little character.

Quite a simple paint job. In the second last photo I tried to capture his blue eyes for you. Not much of a face to paint after the helmet and beard were done and it’s not the best but mehhh that’ll do Pig.

I like his stance and the fact that his sword is just about the length of him haha. Tough old bastard.





27 thoughts on “Le Carnaval Macabre Part XV – Gypsy Militia Commander”

  1. His sword has a name….”Karlfranz!” which everybody know is Gypsy lingo for “Coil flense’er!” or Killer of Snakes.

    Don’t you people now your ancient fantasy Romani??? 😉

    Really nice figure and painting, though for some reason, he keeps reminding me of a fireman.

    Cheers Roger.

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  2. Shows you don’t need to be fancy to be cool, in a world full of monsters a human figure provides a great point of reference and you can’t go wrong with a tough old dude with a sword 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Nice work here. You realise that something like this (low level character type) can be a July model, right? Doesn’t have to be something huge like that Ogre rider that you did at the start of the year.

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